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Microchip Technology dsPIC33FJ64MC802 16-bit Digital Signal Controllers

Microchip dsPIC33FJ64MC802 16-bit DSCs

Microchip Technology dsPIC33FJ64MC802 high-performance 16-bit digital signal controllers (DSCs) provide 64KB of programmable Flash memory and 16KB of RAM. Microchip dsPIC33FJ64MC802 DSCs operate at up to 40 MIPS (at 3.0V -3.6V) and feature a modified Harvard architecture, a C compiler optimized instruction set, 16-bit wide data path, and 24-bit wide instructions. Microchip dsPIC33FJ64MC802 DSCs include an 8-channel hardware DMA (Direct Memory Access), five 16-bit timers, and 21 digital I/O pins.

  • Operating Range:
    • Up to 40 MIPS operation (at 3.0V -3.6V):
      • Industrial temperature range (-40°C to +85°C)
      • Extended temperature range (-40°C to +125°C)
    • Up to 20 MIPS operation (at 3.0V -3.6V):
      • High temperature range (-40°C to +140°C)
  • High-Performance DSC CPU:
    • Modified Harvard architecture
    • C compiler optimized instruction set
    • 16-bit wide data path
    • 24-bit wide instructions
    • Linear program memory addressing up to 4M instruction words
    • Linear data memory addressing up to 64 Kbytes
    • 83 base instructions: mostly 1 word/1 cycle
    • Two 40-bit accumulators with rounding and saturation options
    • Flexible and powerful addressing modes:
      • Indirect
      • Modulo
      • Bit-Reversed
    • Software stack
    • 16 x 16 fractional/integer multiply operations
    • 32/16 and 16/16 divide operations
    • Single-cycle multiply and accumulate:
      • Accumulator write back for DSP operations
      • Dual data fetch
    • Up to ±16-bit shifts for up to 40-bit data
  • Direct Memory Access (DMA):
    • 8-channel hardware DMA
    • Up to 2 Kbytes dual ported DMA buffer area (DMA RAM) to store data transferred via DMA:
      • Allows data transfer between RAM and a peripheral while CPU is executing code (no cycle stealing)
    • Most peripherals support DMA

  • Timers/Capture/Compare/PWM:
    • Timer/Counters, up to five 16-bit timers:
      • Can pair up to make two 32-bit timers
      • One timer runs as a Real-Time Clock with an external 32.768 kHz oscillator
      • Programmable prescaler
    • Input Capture (up to four channels):
      • Capture on up, down or both edges
      • 16-bit capture input functions
      • 4-deep FIFO on each capture
    • Output Compare (up to four channels):
      • Single or Dual 16-bit Compare mode
      • 16-bit Glitchless PWM mode
    • Hardware Real-Time Clock and Calendar (RTCC):
      • Provides clock, calendar and alarm functions
  • Interrupt Controller:
    • 5-cycle latency
    • Up to 53 available interrupt sources
    • Up to three external interrupts
    • Seven programmable priority levels
    • Five processor exceptions
  • Digital I/O:
    • Peripheral pin Select functionality
    • Up to 35 programmable digital I/O pins
    • Wake-up/Interrupt-on-Change for up to 31 pins
    • Output pins can drive from 3.0V to 3.6V
    • Up to 5V output with open drain configuration
    • All digital input pins are 5V tolerant
    • 4mA sink on all I/O pins
  • On-Chip Flash and SRAM:
    • Flash program memory (up to 128 Kbytes)
    • Data SRAM (up to 16 Kbytes)
    • Boot, Secure, and General Security for program Flash
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