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Microchip UNI/OSerial EEPROM

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Need More MCU pins? Want to add more features? Need to move to a smaller MCU?

UNI/OEEPROM: the new single I/O Serial EEPROM family from Microchip is the answer!

UNI/OEEPROM Advantages:

Feature Benefit Results

Single I/O Bus Interface

Only a single I/O on the MCU is needed for communication

    Select a smaller, lower price MCU
  • Add more features

Highest density (16Kb) in a 3-lead SOT-23 package

Smaller board space

  • More Compact Designs
  • Lower system costs

Frees 1-4 MCU I/Os that can be used to add features

More product features with same MCU

Higher system value

10 - 100 kHz Frequency Range

EEPROM synchronizes to MCU data rate

Provides MCU with larger data rate selection

Software Write Protect

No I/O pins are needed to turn ON and OFF

Write control without removing a feature

UNI/O™ EEPROM Advanced Features:

The UNI/OSerial EEPROM has been designed keeping in mind the best features of Microchip's other EEPROM product families.

  1. Status Register - Provides status and data protection features. The Status Register consists of the write enable latch (WEL), write in progress (WIP) and the block protect (BP) bits. The WEL allows writes to the array and Status Register only when this bit is set. The WIP indicates whether the device is currently being written to, enabling polling of the device. Based on the two block protect bits, the array can be either fully write-protected, half write-protected, quarter write-protected or not protected.
  2. WIP Polling - The end of the write cycle can be determined by polling the WIP bit, enabling quicker writes.
  3. Software Write Protect - Based on the block protect bits in the status register, the array can be either fully write-protected, half write-protected, quarter write-protected or have no write-protection.
  4. Write Enable/Disable - Enables and disables write operations to the array and Status Register, allowing for more robust protection against false writes.
  5. Software Addressable - The device can be software addressed, allowing for future devices to be connected together on the same bus.
  6. Set All/Erase All - Set (0xFF) or Erase (0x00) entire memory with a single command.
  7. Current Address Read - The address of the last memory location accessed is maintained while powered up, and this command allows the master to quickly read back starting from this location.

UNI/OEEPROMs Evaluation:

Microchip's UNI/O™ Serial EEPROMs are easy to evaluate. The pin layouts for the standard 8 lead SOIC, PDIP, MSOP and TDFN packages match with those of the I2C and SPI EEPROMs as shown below.

Now you can evaluate our UNI/O™ EEPROM using your existing hardware and any of Microchip's software drivers based on your choice of MCU.

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