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Microchip MCP6xx Op Amps

The Microchip Technology MCP6xx op amps are the first to include mCal, an on-chip calibration circuit that calibrates offset voltage at power-up using an internal power on-reset detector or based upon the state of an external pin. The result is that the MCP6xx op amps have a low initial voltage offset and a means to minimize drift over time and temperature for applications involving instrumentation and sensor conditioning. These high-bandwidth, low-power Microchip Technology MCP6xx op amps provide low bias and quiescent currents, high output drive capability, and a rail-to-rail output for better performance across the entire operating-voltage range. These Microchip Technology op amps feature a high output-drive current that enables them to drive heavy loads in a wide variety of applications.

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This family of operational amplifiers features mCal, an onboard calibration circuit that corrects the amplifiers voltage offset upon power-up, or based on the state of the hardware "CAL" pin.

• Gain Bandwidth Product: 50 MHz (typical)
• Short Circuit Current: 100 mA (typical)
• Noise: 7.5 nV/√Hz (typical, at 1 MHz)
• Calibrated Input Offset: ±200 μV (maximum)
• Rail-to-Rail Output
• Slew Rate: 30 V/μs (typical)
• Supply Current: 6.0 mA (typical)
• Power Supply: 2.5V to 5.5V
• Extended Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C

Typical Applications:

• Driving A/D Converters
• Power Amplifier Control Loops
• Barcode Scanners
• Optical Detector Amplifier

Parameter Name Value
Temp. Range (°C) -40°C to +125°C
Vos Max (µV) 200
# per Package 1
Iq Typical (µA) 6000
Iq Max (µA) 9000
GBWP (kHz) 50000
Operating Voltage Range (V) 2.5 to 5.5
Device Description Linear Op Amps
Input Voltage Noise Density (nV/rt(Hz)) 7.5
PSRR Min (dB) 61
CMRR Min (dB) 66
Vos/Ta (uV/°C) 2.5
Ib (pA) 6
Aol (dB) 114
PM (deg) 65
Isc (mA) 95
Rail-to-Rail Out

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