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Microchip Technology MAC Address Chips

Microchip Technology offers uniquely pre-programmed EUI-48™ enabled MAC address chips. Designed to work on standard buses, such as SPI, I2C™, and the UNI/O® bus, the devices provide easy and inexpensive access to MAC addresses, and feature up to 1.5 Kb of EEPROM that can be used for storing configuration settings or for buffering small amounts of data. The Microchip Technology devices can be ordered when needed without volume restrictions. Because these Microchip Technology devices eliminate the need for designers to burn a unique MAC address into every microcontroller (MCU), they enable quick integration and shorter time-to-market at lower costs. These devices are also EUI-64™ compatible.

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Product Summary
Feature I2C - 2 Wire
SPI - 4 Wire
UNI/O - Single I/O
Product Briefs

Voltage [Range]
AA [1.7-5.5V]
AA [1.8-5.5V]
AA [1.8-5.5V]
Max. Clock
400 KHz
10 MHz 100 KHz

WP Scheme

Permanent 1/2
Array WP in
1/4 Array WP
via Status
1/4 Array WP
via Status
Read/Stand-by Current
1mA/1uA 5mA/1uA 3mA/1uA
Data Retention
1 Million E/W Cycles
200 Years
Temperature Range
-40° C to +85° C
Packages 8-SOIC; 5-SOT23
8-SOIC; 6-SOT-23
8-SOIC; 3-SOT-23

Features, Advantages, and Benefits
Features Advantages Benefits
48-bit EUI Embedded
in a Serial EEPROM
Easy access to IEEE MAC
Same code is EUI-64 Compatible
Buy codes only when needed.
Lower overall costs
No Serialization/Programming hassles
At least half the array
available as a
standard EEPROM
Additional non-volatile memory.
Scratch-pad area to store
configuration settings or to
buffer small amounts of data.
Available in standard
buses -- SPI, I2C, UNI/O
Faster design times
Easy to incorporate into existing designs.
Well-known protocols
Design flexibility
Write Protected
Any modifications to the array will
not affect these codes
Ensures unique tamper-proof
Standard EEPROM
High endurance; Large operating voltage and temperature range;
Low operating and stand-by currents
Create more robust designs
Serial Interface
Low power draw

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