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Microchip PIC24F KL 16-bit Flash MCUs
Microchip PIC24F KL 16-bit Flash MCUs

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Microchip PIC24F KL 16-bit Flash MCUs

Microchip PIC24F KL 16-bit Flash microcontrollers (MCUs) are PIC24 Lite devices that combine eXtreme Low Power (XLP) technology and low pin-count packages for cost-sensitive consumer, medical, and safety/security applications. Microchip PIC24F KL MCUs feature typical sleep currents of 30nA at 25ºC and typical run currents of 150µA/MHz at 1.8V. PIC24F KL MCUs include flexible peripherals, such as the Master Synchronous Serial Port (MSSP) that enables designers to configure either an I²C or SPI interface. The Enhanced Capture/Compare/PWM (ECCP) peripheral included on these Microchip devices allows designers to customize for multiple PWM and input-capture configurations.

  • Power Management Modes:
    • Run - CPU, Flash, SRAM and Peripherals on
    • Doze - CPU Clock Runs Slower than Peripherals
    • Idle - CPU Off, SRAM and Peripherals on
    • Sleep - CPU, Flash and Peripherals Off and SRAM on
    • Low-Power Consumption:
      • Run mode currents under 350μA/MHz at 1.8V
      • Idle mode currents under 80μA/MHz at 1.8V
      • Sleep mode currents as low as 30nA at 25°C
  • High-Performance CPU:
    • Modified Harvard Architecture
    • Up to 16MIPS Operation @ 32MHz
    • 8MHz Internal Oscillator:
      • 4xPLL option
      • Multiple divide options
    • 17-Bit x 17-Bit Single-Cycle Hardware
      • Fractional/Integer Multiplier
    • 32-Bit by 16-Bit Hardware Divider
    • 16x16-Bit Working Register Array
  • Peripheral Features:
    • High-Current Sink/Source (18mA/18mA) on All I/O Pins
    • Configurable Open-Drain Outputs on Digital I/O Pins
    • Up to Three External Interrupt Sources
    • Two 16-Bit Timer/Counters with Selectable Clock Sources
    • Up to Two 8-Bit Timers/Counters with Programmable Prescalers
  • Consumer
    • Electronic toys
    • Electric Shavers
  • Medical
    • Portable Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Safety/Security

Block Diagram

Block Diagram
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