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Microchip PIC12F752 / PIC12HV752 8-bit Flash MCUs

Microchip PIC12F752 / PIC12HV752 8-bit Flash MCUs

Microchip PIC12F752 / PIC12HV752 8-bit Flash microcontrollers (MCUs) feature next-generation analog and digital peripherals that make them ideal for general-purpose applications as well as battery charging, LED lighting, ballast-control, power-conversion, and system-control applications. Microchip PIC12F752 / PIC12HV752 MCUs feature an integrated Complementary Output Generator (COG) peripheral that provides non-overlapping, complementary waveforms for inputs such as comparators and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) peripherals while enabling dead-band control, auto shutdown, auto reset, phase control, and blanking control. These new Microchip MCUs also feature 1.75KB of self read-write program memory, 64B of RAM, an on-chip 10-bit analog-to-digital converter, Capture-Compare PWM modules, high-performance comparators (down to 40ns response), and two 50mA-capable I/Os. The PIC12HV752 high-voltage version incorporates a shunt regulator that allows operation from 2V to an unspecified user-defined maximum voltage level with less than 2mA operation current.

  • High-Performance RISC CPU
    • Operating Speed: DC - 20MHz
    • 1024 x 14 On-chip Flash Program Memory
    • 64 x 8 General Purpose Registers (SRAM)
    • Program Memory Read/Write during Run-Time across Voltage and Temperature
    • Interrupt Capability
    • Eight-level Deep Hardware Stack
    • Direct, Indirect and Relative Addressing modes
  • Microcontroller Features:
    • Programmable Code Protection for Program Memory
    • Low-current Power-on Reset (POR)
    • Configurable Power-up Timer (PWRT)
    • Low-current Watchdog Timer (WDT) with On-chip Oscillator
    • Brown-out Reset (BOR)
    • Power-saving Sleep mode
    • Multiple Clock Sources:
      • External Clock
      • 1/4/8MHz (calibrated) internal oscillator
      • 31kHz internal oscillator
    • Shunt Regulator (PIC12HV752 only):
      • 5.0V nominal regulation voltage
  • Battery charging
  • LED lighting
  • Ballast control
  • Power conversion
  • System control

Block Diagram

Block Diagram
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