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Micrium μC/GUI™ Embedded Graphical User Interface™

Micrium μC/GUI™
Embedded Graphical User Interface™

Micrium μC/GUI™ Embedded Graphical User Interface™ is a universal graphical software for embedded applications that provides an efficient processor and LCD controller-independent GUI to applications using a graphical LCD. Designed for single and multi-task environments, μC/GUI is adaptable to nearly any size physical or virtual display with an LCD controller and CPU, and is delivered with all source code. Micrium μC/GUI™ Embedded Graphical User Interface™ is compatible with nearly all CPUs and, unlike other GUIs that require a C++ compiler, μC/GUI is written entirely in ANSI-C. Processors ranging from 8- to 32-bits run μC/GUI, and 16-bit CPUs (or better) achieve optimal performance.

  • Three types of basic package: monochrome, gray scale, or color
  • Each basic package provides support for: 2D graphics, font support with basic fonts charset ISO 8859-1, and touch screen support
  • Basic packages includes one seat of the bitmap converter tool
  • Optional touch-screen support contains a low-level driver to handle analog input (from two 8-bit or better A/D converter channels), debouncing, and touch screen calibration
  • Written in ANSI C
  • Basic package includes multiple displays/layers support
  • Avionics
  • Medical equipment/devices
  • Data communications equipment
  • White goods (appliances)
  • Mobile phones, PDAs, MIDs
  • Industrial controls
  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive
  • Display size: any
  • Small systems (no window manager) footprint
    • RAM: 100 bytes; Stack: 500 bytes; ROM: 10-25kB (depending on the functionality used)
  • Big systems (including window manager and widgets) footprint
    • RAM: 2-6 kB (depending on number of windows required); Stack: 1200 bytes; ROM: 30-60kB (depending on the functionality used)
  • Number of widgets/controls: 22
  • Execution models
    • Single task system (superloop)
    • Multitask system (any RTOS)
  • Foreign language support: all languages Unicode and UTF-8 encoding Arabic language support Text rendering with Shift-JIS (Japanese Industry Standard) encoding
  • Pointer input devices: touch-screen, mouse, and keyboard support
  • Animation: animated GIF sprites
  • Memory partitions: RAM management yes

Micrium μC/GUI™ Antialiasing Drivers

Part Number Add-On Modules Description
GUI-AAXX-000000-P-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Antialiasing Platform License
GUI-AAXX-000000-P-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Antialiasing Product Line License
GUI-AAXX-000000-P-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Antialiasing Single Product License

Micrium μC/GUI™ BMP Converter Drivers

Part Number Add-On Modules
Driver Type Description
GUI-BMPX-000000-P-P1-PTFM μC/GUI BMP CONVERTER ANSI "C" Files Platform License
GUI-BMPX-000000-P-P1-PDLN μC/GUI BMP CONVERTER ANSI "C" Files Product Line License
GUI-BMPX-000000-P-P1-SNGL μC/GUI BMP CONVERTER ANSI "C" Files Single Product License

Micrium μC/GUI™ Basic Drivers

Part Number Add-On Modules
Driver Type Description
GUI-BWXX-000000-P-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Basic B&W Platform License
GUI-BWXX-000000-P-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Basic B&W Product Line License
GUI-BWXX-000000-P-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Basic B&W Single Product License
GUI-CLRX-000000-P-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Basic Color Platform License
GUI-CLRX-000000-P-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Basic Color Product Line License
GUI-CLRX-000000-P-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Basic Color Single Product License
GUI-GRAY-000000-P-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Basic Grayscale Platform License
GUI-GRAY-000000-P-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Basic Grayscale Product Line License
GUI-GRAY-000000-P-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Basic Grayscale Single Product License

Micrium μC/GUI™ Controller Specific Drivers

Refer to Drivers to determine controller compatibility
Part Number Add-On Modules
Driver Type Description
GUI-DRVR-07X1XX-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_07X1 Platform License
GUI-DRVR-07X1XX-X-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_07X1 Product Line License
GUI-DRVR-07X1XX-X-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_07X1 Single Product License
GUI-DRVR-1611XX-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_1611 Platform License
GUI-DRVR-1611XX-X-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_1611 Product Line License
GUI-DRVR-1611XX-X-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_1611 Single Product License
GUI-DRVR-6331XX-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_6331 Platform License
GUI-DRVR-6331XX-X-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_6331 Product Line License
GUI-DRVR-6331XX-X-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_6331 Single Product License
GUI-DRVR-7529XX-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_7529 Platform License
GUI-DRVR-7529XX-X-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_7529 Product Line License
GUI-DRVR-7529XX-X-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_7529 Single Product License
GUI-DRVR-BPLAIN-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_BitPlains Platform License
GUI-DRVR-BPLAIN-X-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_BitPlains Product Line License
GUI-DRVR-BPLAIN-X-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_BitPlains Single Product License
GUI-DRVR-CC16XX-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver Compact_Color_16 Platform License
GUI-DRVR-CC16XX-X-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Driver Compact_Color_16 Product Line License
Compact_Color_16 Single Product License
GUI-DRVR-FJSU16-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_Fujitsu_16 Platform License
Fujitsu_16 Product Line License
Fujitsu_16 Single Product License
GUI-DRVR-GW7630-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_GW7630_1 Platform License
GUI-DRVR-GW7630-X-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_GW7630_1 Product Line License
GUI-DRVR-GW7630-X-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_GW7630_1 Single Product License
GUI-DRVR-IS3088-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_IST3088 Platform License
GUI-DRVR-IS3088-X-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_IST3088 Product Line License
GUI-DRVR-IS3088-X-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_IST3088 Single Product License
GUI-DRVR-L30919-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_L5F30919 Platform License
GUI-DRVR-L30919-X-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_L5F30919 Product Line License
GUI-DRVR-L30919-X-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_L5F30919 Single Product License
GUI-DRVR-LINXXX-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_Lin Platform License
GUI-DRVR-LINXXX-X-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_Lin Product Line License
GUI-DRVR-LINXXX-X-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_Lin Single Product License
GUI-DRVR-P1BPPX-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_Page1bpp Platform License
GUI-DRVR-P1BPPX-X-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_Page1bpp Product Line License
GUI-DRVR-P1BPPX-X-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_Page1bpp Single Product License
GUI-DRVR-S13700-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_13700 Platform License
GUI-DRVR-S13700-X-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_13700 Product Line License
GUI-DRVR-S13700-X-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_13700 Single Product License
GUI-DRVR-S13748-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_S1D13748 Platform License
GUI-DRVR-S13748-X-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_S1D13748 Product Line License
GUI-DRVR-S13748-X-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_S1D13748 Single Product License
GUI-DRVR-S13U11-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_S1D13U11 Platform License
GUI-DRVR-S13U11-X-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_S1D13U11 Product Line License
GUI-DRVR-S13U11-X-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_S1D13U11 Single Product License
GUI-DRVR-S15G00-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_S1D15G00 Platform License
GUI-DRVR-S15G00-X-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_S1D15G00 Product Line License
GUI-DRVR-S15G00-X-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_S1D15G00 Single Product License
GUI-DRVR-SLINXX-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_Slin Platform License
GUI-DRVR-SLINXX-X-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_Slin Product Line License
GUI-DRVR-SLINXX-X-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_Slin Single Product License
GUI-DRVR-SS1926-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_SSD1926 Platform License
GUI-DRVR-SS1926-X-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_SSD1926 Product Line License
GUI-DRVR-SS1926-X-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_SSD1926 Single Product License
GUI-DRVR-UC1698-X-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_UC1698G4 Platform License
GUI-DRVR-UC1698-X-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_UC1698G4 Product Line License
GUI-DRVR-UC1698-X-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Driver GUIDRV_UC1698G4 Single Product License

Micrium μC/GUI™ Windows Font Drivers

Part Number Add-On Modules
Driver Type Description
GUI-FCXX-000000-P-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Windows Font Converter Platform License
GUI-FCXX-000000-P-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Windows Font Converter Product Line License
GUI-FCXX-000000-P-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Windows Font Converter Single Product License

Micrium μC/GUI™ Flicker Drivers

Part Number Add-On Modules
Driver Type Description
GUI-MDXX-000000-P-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Flicker Memory Device Platform License
GUI-MDXX-000000-P-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Flicker Memory Device Product Line License
GUI-MDXX-000000-P-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Flicker Memory Device Single Product License

Micrium μC/GUI™ View Drivers

Part Number Add-On Modules
GUI-VIEW-000000-P-P1-PTFM μC/GUI View Platform License
GUI-VIEW-000000-P-P1-PDLN μC/GUI View Product Line License
GUI-VIEW-000000-P-P1-SNGL μC/GUI View Single Product License

Micrium μC/GUI™ VNC Server Drivers

Part Number Add-On Modules
GUI-VNCX-000000-P-P1-PTFM μC/GUI VNC Server Platform License
GUI-VNCX-000000-P-P1-PDLN μC/GUI VNC Server Product Line License
GUI-VNCX-000000-P-P1-SNGL μC/GUI VNC Server Single Product License

Micrium μC/GUI™ Simulation Drivers

Part Number Add-On Modules
Driver Type Description
GUI-WINX-000000-P-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Simulation Source Code Platform License
GUI-WINX-000000-P-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Simulation Source Code Product Line License
GUI-WINX-000000-P-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Simulation Source Code Single Product License

Micrium μC/GUI™ Win Mang And Drivers

Part Number Add-On Modules
Driver Type Description
GUI-WMXX-000000-P-P1-PTFM μC/GUI Win Mang And Widgets / Dialogs Platform License
GUI-WMXX-000000-P-P1-PDLN μC/GUI Win Mang And Widgets / Dialogs Product Line License
GUI-WMXX-000000-P-P1-SNGL μC/GUI Win Mang And Widgets / Dialogs Single Product License

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