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Maxim MAX44000 Ambient & Infrared Proximity Sensor

Maxim Integrated MAX44000
Ambient & Infrared Proximity Sensor

Maxim Integrated MAX44000 Ambient & Infrared Proximity Sensor combines a wide-dynamic range ambient light sensor with an integrated infrared proximity sensor, creating an ideal solution for touchscreen portable devices. The sensor was designed using the Maxim Integrated proprietary BiCMOS technology, allowing it to detect light like a human eye. MAX44000 uses very low power, consuming 5µA when only the ambient light sensor is enabled and 7µA when the proximity receiver and driver are enabled. It can consume as low as 11μA (time averaged) in ambient light sensing plus proximity sensing, including external IR LED current. Maxim Integrated MAX44000 Ambient & Infrared Proximity Sensor integrates three optical sensors, two ADCs, and digital functionality into a tiny 2mm x 2mm x 0.6mm package. This integration saves valuable board space while delivering optical fusion and excellent light-sensing performance.

Maxim Integrated MAX44000 Ambient & Infrared Proximity Sensor's on-chip ambient light sensor has the ability to make wide dynamic range 0.03lux to 65,535lux measurements. An on-chip IR proximity detector is matched with an integrated IR LED driver. All readings are available on an I²C communication bus. A programmable interrupt pin minimizes the need to poll the device for data, freeing up microcontroller resources, reducing system software overhead, and ultimately, reducing power consumption. The sensor is designed to drive an external IR LED and can operate from a VDD of 1.7V to 3.6V. MAX44000 is ideal for touchscreen applications, including smartphones, portable devices, industrial sensors, and presence detection.

Part Number Datasheet Description
Ambient & Infrared Proximity Sensor
MAX44000EVKIT# MAX44000 Evaluation Kit

  • Excellent light source matching
    • Programmable green and IR channel gains
  • Integrated single-pulse IR LED driver
    • Programmable range: 10mA to 110mA
    • Internal ambient cancellation
  • Smartphones
  • Accessories
  • Industrial sensors
  • Presence detection
  • Tiny, 2mm x 2mm x 0.6mm UTDFN-Opto Package
  • VDD = 1.7V to 3.6V
  • Low-power operation
    • 5μA in ambient mode
    • 7μA in ambient plus proximity mode
    • 70μA in ambient plus proximity mode, including 100mA LED current
  • Operating temperature range: -40ºC to +105ºC
Block Diagram
Block Diagram

Typical Applications Circuit

Typical Applications Circuit
Package Dimensions
Package Dimensions

  • Maxim Integrated
  • Industrial|Sensing|Wireless
  • Semiconductors|Integrated Circuits|Sensors