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Maxim MAXREFDES33 Palo Verde Step-Down Converter

Maxim MAXREFDES33 Palo Verde Step-Down Converter

Maxim MAXREFDES33 Palo Verde Step-Down Converter reference design demonstrates the application of the MAX15062A 60V, 300mA ultra-small, high-efficiency, synchronous step-down converter. The reference design operates over a wide 4.5V to 60V input voltage range, and provides up to 300mA at 3.3V output. The device features undervoltage lockout, overcurrent protection, and thermal shutdown. The MAX15062A switches at a fixed frequency of 500kHz, and delivers a peak efficiency of 86.77% with the supplied components when the input is 24V. This general-purpose power solution can be used in many different types of power applications, such as 4-20mA current loops, HVAC and building control, high-voltage LDO replacement, general-purpose point-of-load, etc. In this reference design, the MAX15062A performs in 24V input applications, such as industrial sensors, process control, etc.

  • Minimal external components and low system cost
  • Versatile functionality allows stocking of fewer DC-DC regulators
  • Low power dissipation
  • Reliable operation in adverse industrial environments
  • Pmod™-compatible form factor
  • Industrial sensors
  • Process control
  • 4-20mA current loops
  • General-purpose point-of-load
  • High-voltage LDO replacement
  • HVAC and building control
  • PLCs
Required Equipment
  • Palo Verde board
  • 24V, 1A (min.) power supply with output current displayed
  • One Electronic Load
  • One Voltmeter
Block Diagram
Block Diagram
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