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Maxim Integrated MAX9632 Series
Low-Noise Operational Amplifiers

Fast-settling, high-voltage, wide-band, precision Op Amp

Maxim Integrated's MAX9632 wide-band operational amplifier is optimized for excellent AC dynamic performance, ultra-low-noise, wide operating voltage range, and low-drift signal conditioning. This Maxim Integrated device provides high-fidelity signal conditioning with THD specifications better than -136dB, enabling use in professional audio equipment and high-end test and instrumentation applications. The MAX9632 op amp targets industrial data-acquisition applications that require precision signal conditioning at low frequencies. This Maxim Integrated op amp features exceptionally fast settling time and low distortion. The rail-to-rail output swing maximizes the dynamic range when driving high-resolution 24-bit ∑Δ analog-to-digital converters even with low supply voltages. The MAX9632 IC achieves 55MHz of gain-bandwidth product and ultra-low 0.94nV/√Hz input voltage noise with only 3.9mA of quiescent current.

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Part Number
36V, Precision, Low-Noise, Wide-Band Amplifier
36V, Precision, Low-Noise, Wide-Band Amplifier
+ Denotes a lead(Pb)-free/RoHS-compliant package.


The MAX9632 Evaluation Kit provides a proven design to evaluate the MAX9632 low-noise, precision, wide-band op amps. Key features of the MAX9632 Eval Kit are ability to accommodate multiple Op-Amp configurations, +4.5V to 36V wide input supply range, shutdown input, 0805 components, proven PCB layout, and full assembly and testing.

Part Number
Evaluation Kit

MAX9632 EV Kit Schematic

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