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Maxim MAX98088 Stereo Audio Codecs with FlexSound Technology

Maxim Integrated MAX98088 Stereo Audio Codecs

The Maxim Integrated MAX98088 is a full-featured audio codec with high performance and low-power consumption that make it ideal for portable applications. Maxim Integrated MAX98088 audio codecs feature integrated FlexSound™ technology that improves loud-speaker performance by optimizing the signal level and frequency response while limiting the maximum distortion and power at the output to prevent speaker damage. Automatic gain control and a noise gate optimize the signal level of microphone input signals to make best use of the ADC's dynamic range. Maxim Integrated MAX98088 audio codecs feature stereo low-EMI Class D amplifiers that provide efficient amplification for two speakers. These ICs also feature a stereo Class H headphone amplifier that uses a dual-mode charge pump to maximize efficiency while outputting a ground referenced signal that does not require output coupling capacitors. The MAX98088 also includes a mono differential amplifier that can also be configured as a stereo line output.

  • 5.6mW Power Consumption (DAC to HP at 97dB DR)
  • 101dB DR Stereo DAC (8kHz < fS < 96kHz)
  • 93dB DR Stereo ADC (8kHz < fS < 96kHz)
  • Stereo Low EMI Class D Amplifiers
    • 950mW/Channel (8Ω, VSPKVDD_ = 4.2V)
  • Efficient Class H Headphone Amplifier
  • Differential Receiver Amplifier/Stereo Line Outputs
  • 2 Stereo Single-Ended/Mono Differential Line Inputs
  • 3 Differential Microphone Inputs
  • FlexSound Technology
    • 5-Band Parametric EQ
    • Automatic Level Control (ALC)
    • Excursion Limiter
    • Speaker Power Limiter
    • Speaker Distortion Limiter
    • Microphone Automatic Gain Control and Noise Gate

  • Dual I²S/PCM/TDM Digital Audio Interfaces
  • Asynchronous Digital Mixing
  • Supports Master Clock Frequencies from 10MHz to 60MHz
  • RF Immune Analog Inputs and Outputs
  • Extensive Click-and-Pop Reduction Circuitry
  • 63-Bump WLP Package (3.80mm x 3.30mm, 0.4mm Pitch)

  • Portable Devices

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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