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Lumileds LUXEON® Z Color & White LEDs

Lumileds LUXEON® Z Color & White LEDs

Lumileds LUXEON® Z Color & White LEDs are extraordinarily small, un-domed, power LEDs in colors from 440nm to 670nm and 4000K white. With never before possible lumen density, flexibility, and freedom of design in color and white LEDs, the LUXEON® Z will transform luminaire and light engine designs. Available in the full spectrum of colors, LUXEON Z is ideal for entertainment/stage lighting, indoor and outdoor architectural lighting, emergency vehicle lighting, remote phosphor applications, and a wide spectrum of specialty lighting applications. With these LEDs the user can create customized "multi-chip", multi-color light sources. The small size of LUXEON Z enables high punch, tight beam control, and the flexibility of superior color mixing.

New! Lumileds has expanded the Luxeon Z series to include the color Lime which can replace the traditional green LED in RGB light mixing to create better quality light with higher CRI and R9 output. At this time, Lumileds is the first in the industry to offer this color, and are also offering it in the LUXEON Rebel series.

  • 2.2mm² micro footprint — 75% smaller than most power LEDs
  • Un-encapsulated chip
  • Tested and binned at 500mA
  • High thermal density package: Tj=135ºC AlInGaP
    and Tj=150ºC InGaN
  • Up to 1A max drive current
  • Superior color mixing and beam control through choice of optics
  • Enables customizable light sources: linear, rectangular, circular
  • Industry's leading Lm/mm² for high flux density solution
  • Highest degree of design flexibility
  • Enables smaller/unique luminaire designs

  • Architectural lighting
  • Studio/entertainment lighting
  • Emergency vehicle lighting
  • Remote phosphor-based retrofits & downlights
  • Specialty lighting

Wavelength or
Nominal CCT
Min Luminous Flux
or Radiometric
Power @ 500mA
Typ Luminous Flux or
Radiometric Power @
Typ Efficacy @
500mA 700mA 500mA 700mA
LXZ1-2780-3 Warm White 2700K 90lm 105lm 134lm 74lm/W 66lm/W 80
LXZ1-3080-3 Warm White 3000K 100lm 110lm 141lm 78lm/W 70lm/W 80
LXZ1-3580-3 Warm White 3500K -
- - - - 80
LXZ1-4080-3 Neutral White 4000K 100lm 126lm 161lm 89lm/W 80lm/W 80
LXZ1-4070 Neutral White 4000K 100lm 132lm 169lm 93lm/W 84lm/W 70
LXZ1-5070 Cool White 5000K 110lm 142lm 182lm 100lm/W 90lm/W 70
LXZ1-5770 Cool White 5700K 110lm 148lm 189lm 104lm/W 94lm/W 70
LXZ1-6565 Cool White 6500K 110lm 135lm 173lm 95lm/W 85lm/W 65
LXZ1-PR01 Royal Blue 447.5nm 500-600mW 530-620mW 704-823mW 37-43% 35-40% -
LXZ1-PB01 Blue 470nm 24-48lm 30-50lm 39-65lm 21-34lm/W 19-30lm/W -
LXZ1-PM01 Green 530nm 72-104lm 76-106lm 49-128lm 3.1-71lm/W 35-61lm/W -
LXZ1-PE01 Cyan 505nm 48-72lm 54-73lm 67-86lm 35-48lm/W 30-41lm/W -
LXZ1-PA01 Deep Red 655nm 250-350mW 280-360mW 353-454mW 26-34% 24-31% -
LXZ1-PD01 Red 627nm 40-56lm 44-57lm 60-77lm 42-54lm/W 38-49lm/W -
LXZ1-PH01 Red-Orange 617nm 56-72lm 60-74lm 82-99lm 57-69lm/W 53-66lm/W -
LXZ1-PL01 Amber 590nm 48-64lm 54-66lm 73-90lm 51-63lm/W 48-59lm/W -
LXZ1-PX01 Lime 570nm - - - - - -

Relative Spectral Distribution vs. Wavelength Characteristics, Thermal Pad Temperature = 25ºC

Relative Spectral Distribution vs. Wavelength Characteristics
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