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LedEngin LZx-00UA00 UV LED Emitters

LED Engin LZx-00UA00 UV LED Emitters

LED Engin LZx-00UA00 UV LED Emitters provide superior radiometric power in the wavelength range specifically required for sterilization, dental curing lights, and numerous medical applications. With an ultra-small footprint, these LEDs provide exceptional optical power or radiant flux density. The radiometric power performance and optimal peak wavelength of these LZx-00UA00 UV LEDs are matched to the response curves of dental resins, inks, and adhesives, resulting in a significantly reduced curing time. The patented design has unparalleled thermal and optical performance. The high quality materials used in the package are chosen to optimize light output, have excellent UV resistance, and minimize stresses which results in monumental reliability and radiant flux maintenance.

LZx UV Features
  • Ultra-small foot print
  • SMT ceramic package with integrated
    glass lens
  • Very low thermal resistance
  • Electrically neutral thermal path
  • Very high radiant flux density
  • Autoclave compliant (JEDEC JESD22-A102-C)
  • JEDEC Level 1 for Moisture Sensitivity Level
  • Lead (Pb) free and RoHS compliant
  • Reflow solderable (up to 6 cycles)
  • Dental curing and teeth whitening
  • Ink and adhesive curing
  • Sterilization and medical
  • DNA gel
  • Currency Verification
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Inspection of dyes, rodent and
    animal contamination
  • Leak detection
  • Forensics

Part Number Data Sheet Illumination Color Wavelength Luminous Flux/Radiant Flux Forward Current Forward Voltage
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The standard MCPCB option provides a convenient method to mount LedEngin's LZx emitters. The six recessed features
allow the use of M3 or #4 screws to attach the MCPCB to a
heat sink. The MCPCB has three sets of "+" (Anode) and "-"
(Cathode) solder pads for electrical connections. The MCPCB
also contains a Zener diode for enhanced ESD protection.

MCPCB Features
  • Very low thermal resistance for MCPCB adds
    only 0.6°C/W to 1.5°C/W
  • Multiple mounting and attachment options
  • MCPCB contains Zener Diode for ESD protection
LZ1 Mechanical Dimensions in mm

LZ1 Mechanical Dimensions
LZ4 Mechanical Dimensions in mm

LZ4 Mechanical Dimensions
LZC Mechanical Dimensions in mm

LZC Mechanical Dimensions

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