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Laird Technologies LT2510 FlexRF® 2.4GHz Wireless Module

Sets New Standard for Industrial RF Communication

The Laird Technologies Wireless M2M Solutions LT2510 FlexRF® 2.4GHz Wireless Module sets the standard for industrial RF communication by permitting an unlimited number of clients to synchronize to a single server for low latency communications. The Laird Technologies Wireless M2M Solutions LT2510 FlexRF is a fifth generation 2.4GHz FHSS module embedded with Laird Technologies' robust server-client protocol. The Laird Technologies Wireless M2M Solutions LT2510 FlexRF module lets the server and all clients in a network communicate with any radio in range via either addressed or broadcast packets. The configuration and test software allows OEMs to design and test networks to suit their applications. The module is robust in the presence of interference, features high throughput, delivers ultra-low power consumption, features over-the-air download (OAD) firmware updating capability, and offers long range capability.

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New! Laird Wireless RM024 Series 2.4GHz Range-Amplified MultiPoint Modules are drop-in replacements for the LT2510 Series. With a more efficient design, the RM024 offers all the range of the LT2510 modules with decreased current consumption and new features. The RM024 and LT2510 modules are over the air compatible and can both be used in the same network. Learn more

  • Very robust in the presence of interference
  • High throughput
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Long range capability
  • Miniature SMT form factor
  • Global acceptance
  • Integrated battery monitor, temperature sensor,
    GPIOs, and ADC
  • Simple integration
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Field Surveillance
  • Utility Management
  • Recreation
  • Fleet Telemetry
Security Features
  • Frequency hopping air interface
  • System IDs
  • Unique IEEE MAC Addresses
  • Proprietary hardware
  • Proprietary protocol
RF Protocol Modes
Embedded into Laird Technologies' 900MHz and 2.4GHz FHSS modules, FlexRF technology supports unrivaled flexibility in industrial wireless applications.
  • Communication: Unicast (one-to-one addressing),
  • Broadcast (one-to-multiple addressing)
  • Fast sync time
  • Random back-off
  • Dynamic radio data table: Retains data from up to
    32 radio modules
  • Configurable retries
  • Auto channel
Interface Protocol
  • On-the-fly radio module configuration
  • Raw data or transmit/receive API
  • Battery monitor
  • A/D, PWM Output and Generic I/Os
  • Variable baud rate
  • Configurable RF packet size,timeout control
  • Onboard temperature sensor
  • Handshaking, CTS/RTS
  • In-range indicator
  • Error detection, onboard CRC, duplicate packet filtering

LT2510 Product Specifications
Parameter PRM110 / PRM111 PRM112 / PRM113
Interface UART UART
Frequency 2400-2483.5MHz 2400-2483.5MHz
RF Data Rate 280 / 500kbps 280 / 500kbps
Serial Interface Options 3.3V TTL 3.3V TTL
Serial Interface Data Rate Up to 230,400 baud Up to 230,400 baud
Variable Conducted Output Power +4 to +21dBm +4 to +18dBm
Maximum Radiated Power (E.I.R.P) +26dBm +20dBm
Current Consumption: Tx <180mA 90mA
Current Consumption: Average Rx <12mA <12mA
Current Consumption: Hibernate <0.05mA <0.05mA
Channels 53/79 channels 53/79 channels
Sensitivity (BER 10-6) -94dBm at 500kbps RF data rate,
-99dBm at 280kbps RF data rate
-94dBm at 500kbps RF data rate,
-99dBm at 280kbps RF data rate
Voltage 3.3 VDC 3.3 VDC
Range (Indoor, Outdoor) 500m/5km 350m/3.5km
Temperature -40º to +85ºC -40º to +85ºC
Dimensions 26mm x 40mm x 5mm 26mm x 40mm x 5mm
Antenna U.FL connector (PRM 110),
Integrated chip antenna (PRM111)
U.FL connector (PRM 112),
Integrated chip antenna (PRM113)
Approvals* FCC/IC for the United States and Canada CE-approved for European use

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