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Laird Wireless RM024 Series 2.4GHz Range-Amplified MultiPoint Modules

Laird Wireless RM024 Series 2.4GHz Range-Amplified MultiPoint Modules

Laird Wireless RM024 Series 2.4GHz Range-Amplified MultiPoint (RAMP) Modules are designed to provide robust wireless communications for any number of applications requiring a wireless transport for serial data. RAMP modules excel at providing a wireless serial link over long ranges and with support for multipoint networks. These modules feature a Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) protocol for excellent interference and multipath immunity. With two transceivers, the RAMP line can provide a wireless serial cable replacement capable of extending communications well beyond the 50 foot maximum for wired connections. RAMP modules also support multipoint—Star network topologies—and users can employ more than 16 million clients for applications such as sensors, controls, and text display boards.

The RM024 is based on the same core technology as the LT2510 and is designed to be a drop-in replacement. With a more efficient design, the RM024 offers all the range of the LT2510 modules with decreased current consumption and new features, including enhanced sleep modes, encryption with 128-bit AES, more reliable RF link with the addition of Forward Error Correction (FEC), and remote AT commands. The RM024 and LT2510 modules are over the air compatible and can both be used in the same network. Because the RM024 uses different active components than the LT2510, it has different FCC and CE identifications. Devices upgrading to the RM024 will need to have regulatory identification that are different than those of the LT2510. Differences between the RM024 and the LT2510 are detailed in the Integration Guide for the RM024.

The RM024 RAMP modules are enhanced with a new RF front end for improved sleep, improved link budget, and a switchable antenna output. These modules are available in two versions, one with 125mW maximum conducted output power and approved for North American and similar markets and one with 50mW maximum conducted output power and approved for European and similar markets. The modules are identical except for output power, transmit power consumption, and the number of RF Channels available.

  • Retries and acknowledgements
  • Configurable network parameters
  • Multiple generic I/O
  • 280kbps or 500kbps RF data stream
  • Idle current draw of 9.5mA, sleep current of 50uA
  • Software selectable interface baud rates from
    1200bps to 460.8kbps
  • Upgradable FW through serial port

  • Low cost, low power, and small size ideal for high volume, portable, and battery powered applications
  • All modules are qualified for industrial temperatures: -40ºC to 85ºC
  • Advanced configuration available using AT commands
  • Easy to use Configuration & Test Utility software
  • Switchable antenna output, either integrated antenna or external antenna through U.FL
Part Number Description Form Factor Maximum
Tx Power
RM024-S125C-01 FHSS Module SMT 125mW u.FL Jack
RM024-S125-M-01 FHSS Module SMT 125mW Chip Antenna
RM024-P125-C-01 FHSS Module Pluggable 125mW u.FL Jack
RM024-P125-M-01 FHSS Module Pluggable 125mW Chip Antenna
RM024-S50-C-01 FHSS Module SMT 50mW (CE) u.FL Jack
RM024-S50-M-01 FHSS Module SMT 50mW (CE) Chip Antenna
RM024-P50-C-01 FHSS Module Pluggable 50mW (CE) u.FL Jack
RM024-P50-M-01 FHSS Module Pluggable 50mW (CE) Chip Antenna
DVK-RM024-S125-M Development Kit SMT 125mW Both
DVK-RM024-P125-M Development Kit Pluggable 125mW Both
DVK-RM024-S50-M Development Kit SMT 50mW (CE) Both
DVK-RM024-P50-M Development Kit Pluggable 50mW (CE) Both
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