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KOA Speer TLR Series Current Sense Resistors

KOA Speer has expanded the voltage of the TLR current sense resistor series to 3W (TLR3AP). The TLR3AP series is AEC-Q200 certified, making it a great product for automotive applications. KOA Speer TLR Series Current Sense Resistors feature filletless products with high reliability and performance, low resistance, are SMD type, and are small with low height. TLR Series Current Sense Resistors are suitable for reflow soldering. Ideal applications for KOA Speer TLR Series Current Sense Resistors include current sensing, voltage division, and pulse applications.

  • SMD type of small size, metal plate low resistance resistor for current detection
  • Low height suitable for use of small equipment such as mobile phone
  • High reliability and performance with T.C.R ±100x10-6/K
  • Filletless products (The soldering part of this product is only a bottom electrode)
  • Suitable for reflow soldering
  • Products meet EU RoHS requirements
 Size Code
 Dimensions inches (mm)
 L  W  d  t
 TLR1E  10mΩ  .039±.002
10mΩ (0.25±0.10)
 TLR2A  5mΩ  .079±.008
 6mΩ  .022±.008
 7mΩ  .020±.008
 8mΩ  .020±.008
 9mΩ  .018±.008
 10mΩ  .014±.008
 1m, 1.5m,
3m, 4m
5m, 6m,
7m, 8m
9m, 10m

Dimensions and Construction

KOA Speer TLR Series Dimensions and Construction
  • Current sensing
  • Voltage division
  • Pulse applications Comments

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