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Keithley Model 2651A High Power System SourceMeter® Instrument

Keithley Model 2651A High Power
System SourceMeter® Instrument

Keithley's Model 2651A High Power System SourceMeter® Instrument is the newest addition to the Series 2600A family of System SourceMeter® instruments. Specifically designed to characterize and test high power electronics, these source measurement unit (SMU) instruments can help you improve productivity in applications across the R&D, reliability, and production spectrums, including high brightness LEDs, power semiconductors, DC-DC converters, batteries, and other high power materials, components, modules, and subassemblies.

  • Source or sink:
  • 2,000W of pulsed power (±40V, ±50A)
  • 200W of DC power (±10V@±20A, ±20V@±10A, ±40V@±5A)
  • Easily connect two units (in series or parallel) to create solutions up to ±100A or ±80V
  • 1pA resolution enables precise measurement of very low leakage currents
  • 1μs per point (1MHz), 18-bit sampling, accurately characterizes transient behavior
  • 1% to 100% pulse duty cycle for pulse width modulated (PWM) drive schemes and device specific drive stimulus
  • Combines a precision power supply, current source, DMM, arbitrary waveform generator, V or I pulse generator with measurement, electronic load, and trigger controller—all in one instrument

  • Includes TSP® Express I-V characterization software, LabVIEW® driver, and Keithley’s Test Script Builder software development environment

  • Power semiconductor, HBLED, and optical device characterization and testing
  • Characterization of GaN, SiC, and other compound materials and devices
  • Semiconductor junction temperature characterization
  • High speed, high precision digitization
  • Electromigration studies
  • High current, high power device testing
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