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JST Automotive Connectors

JST provides a wide variety of wiring harness connection systems designed specifically for the automotive market segment. JST differentiates itself from the rest of the field by providing connection systems that typically exceed industry standards relative to fit, form and function. JST's products can be found in every automotive system application across every OEM car line globally. By selecting a JST connection system you are guaranteeing success in every facet of your design and manufacturing process.Visit the JST Automotive Connectors page
 HIC Connectors HIC Connectors
02/02/2015 -
Features a CPA housing, allowing locking the connector and can detect incomplete mating at assembly.
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 HPS Sealed Connectors HPS Sealed Connectors
01/30/2015 -
Features Connector Position Assurance (CPA) and a mechanical assist lever.
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 ASG Sealed Connectors ASG Sealed Connectors
01/19/2015 -
Hybrid Sealed Connector compliant with the USCAR footprints.
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 WIC Series Sealed Connectors WIC Series Sealed Connectors
12/18/2014 -
Miniaturized, sealed-type connectors with secure mating for automotive air bag applications.
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 ATSS Sealed Connectors ATSS Sealed Connectors
08/12/2014 -
0.64mm Sealed Connectors feature standard USCAR footprints.
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 SRV Series Connectors SRV Series Connectors
06/27/2014 -
Sealed inline wire-to-wire connectors are 2 - 5 circuits designed for small packaging.
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 AIT II Series Connectors AIT II Series Connectors
06/02/2014 -
Unsealed low-profile connector series can be used in a wide range of automotive applications.
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 ATL Series Connectors ATL Series Connectors
06/02/2014 -
Unsealed connectors designed for high density PCB placement.
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 HCM Series Connectors HCM Series Connectors
06/02/2014 -
Designed with automotive safety requirements in mind.
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 CPT Series Connectors CPT Series Connectors
06/02/2014 -
Wire-to-Board connectors features a low-profile, 2.0mm pitch design.
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