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JKL Components

JKL Components is one of the nation's leading suppliers and distributors of cold cathode fluorescent lamps, DC-AC inverters, LEDs, ultraviolet lamps, miniature and sub-miniature lamps and lighting accessories. They offer a wide selection of standard lamps and sockets. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for quality, reliability and consistently high levels of customer service and support.Visit the JKL Components page
 ZCTR-06 LED RGB Remote Controller ZCTR-06 LED RGB Remote Controller
03/13/2015 -
Designed for RGB lighting color control and comes with a wireless controller and 55 color modes.
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 ZFS Flex Ribbon LEDs ZFS Flex Ribbon LEDs
08/12/2014 -
Adhesive backing for mounting to most hard surfaces, a full reel contains 150 LEDs with a maximum wattage of 36 Watts.
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