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IXYS IX2113 Low Side Gate Driver

IXYS IX2113 Low Side Gate Driver

IXYS IX2113 Low Side Gate Driver is a high voltage integrated circuit that can drive high speed MOSFETs and IGBTs that operate at up to +600V. The IX2113 is configured with independent high-side and low-side referenced output channels, both of which can source and sink 2A. The floating high-side channel can drive an N-channel power MOSFET or IGBT 600V from the common reference. Manufactured on IXYS Integrated Circuits Division's proprietary high-voltage BCDMOS on SOI (silicon on insulator) process, the IX2113 is extremely robust, and is virtually immune to negative transients. The UVLO circuit prevents the turn-on of the MOSFET or IGBT until there is sufficient VBS or VCC supply voltage. Propagation delays are matched for use in high frequency applications. The IX2113 is available in a 16-pin SOIC package.

  • Floating Channel for Bootstrap Operation to +600V with Absolute Maximum Rating of +700V
  • Outputs Capable of Sourcing and Sinking 2A
  • Gate Drive Supply Range From 10V to 20V
  • Enhanced Robustness due to SOI Process
  • Tolerant to Negative Voltage Transients: dV/dt Immune
  • 3.3V Logic Compatible
  • Undervoltage Lockout for Both High-side and Low-Side Outputs
  • Matched Propagation Delays
Functional Block Diagram
Functional Block Diagram
Package Pinout
Package Pinout
Pin Description
Pin Description
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