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IDT P9023-EVK Evaluation Board

IDT P9023-EVK Evaluation Board

IDT P9023-EVK Evaluation Board for Enhanced Dual-mode Wireless Power Receiver demonstrates the features and performance of the IDTP9023 wireless power receiver solution for the WPC mobile device with RX-A Coil. Using an intuitive top-level layout and control, P9023-EVK simplifies the user experience to emphasize the impressive level of integration and abundance of useful features that this device offers.

The device is powered by a 1mm thick RX-A type receiver coil attached to a 2mm thick plastic fixture. GUI (graphical user interface) software with a USB Type-B cabled programmer board (JM60) is provided to monitor and program the evaluation board. The evaluation board uses an external EEPROM that includes the IDTP9023 firmware to enable functions and allow programmability. The external EEPROM memory chip is pre-programmed with a standard start-up program that is automatically loaded when the board is placed upon a WPC "Qi" type or PMA type transmitter board. The EEPROM can be reprogrammed to suit the needs of specific applications using the IDTP9023 software tool.

  • IDTP9023 CSP Demo Board with 1mm RX-A coil
  • 4-layer PCB with 1 oz. copper traces
  • Fully assembled with test points and coil fixture
  • USB to I2C hardware converter for PC connectivity
  • EEPROM to store and load start-up script/firmware
  • Software tool to monitor operation, settings control and R/W EEPROM
  • LED status indicators
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