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HARTING Han-Eco® Modular Hoods & Housings

HARTING introduced the Han-Eco® Modular Hoods and Housings as a corrosion-resistant, lightweight alternative to the metal hoods and housings used in tough industrial environments. Han-Eco Hoods and Housings are constructed using a high-performance polyamide engineered to provide high resistance to environmental stress and meet the demanding flammability requirements of UL 94 Class V 0. Featuring snap together assembly using widely available modules from the Han-Modular® series, these connectors eliminate the need for tools during assembly, maximize flexibility, and save wiring space and time. When locked, they offer IP 65 protection as defined for DIN EN 60 529.

  • Weight reduction combined with mechanical strength
  • "Click and mate" design allows quick and easy assembly without screws and tools
  • Constructed using thermoplastic material with excellent mechanical properties and high resistance against environmental influence
  • Highly resistant to environmental stress, suitable for use in outdoor applications
  • Complete range of modules from Han-Modular®
  • Available in sizes 6 B, 10 B, 16 B and 24 B including integrated cable glands
  • Suitable for applications according protection class II
  • Same panel cut out as Han® B housings, bulkhead mounting
  • Optional PE contact module for hold the protective ground conductor
  • Weight and cost optimized


Industrial uses that require multiple connections including:
  • Offshore wind plants
  • Conveyer systems
  • Packaging machines
  • Modular applications that do not require more expensive metal housings
  • Materials:
    • Hoods/Housings: Polyamide, fibre-glass reinforced
    • Locking Element: Polyamide, fibre-glass reinforced
    • Hoods/Housings Seal: NBR
  • IP 65 Environmental Rating - Degree of protection according to DIN EN 60 529 for coupled connector IP 65 - NEMA 4/4
  • Limiting temperature range: -40 °C to +125 °C
  • Flammability according to UL 94 V 0

Part Number Description
19410012600 Male Ground Contact Module with Screw Termination
19410012700 Female Ground Contact Module with Screw Termination
19410060301 6B Bulkhead Mounted Housing
19410065405 06B Cover for Housings
19410065406 06B Cover for Hoods
19410100301 10B Bulkhead Mounted Housing
19410105405 10B Cover for Housings
19410105406 10B Cover for Hoods
19410160301 16B Bulkhead Mounted Housing
19410240301 24B Bulkhead Mounted Housing
19411060232 06B Surface Mount Housing 1xM32
19411060272 06B Surface Mount Housing 2xM32
19411060422 6B Top Entry Hood with Cable Gland
19411060522 6B Side Entry Hood with Cable Gland
19411060722 6B Coupler with M32 Cable Gland
19411100232 10B Surface Mount Housing 1x M32
19411100272 10B Surface Mount Housing 2x M32
19411100422 10B Top Entry Hood with Cable Gland
19411100522 10B Side Entry Hood with Cable Gland
19411100722 10B Coupler with M32 Cable Gland
19411160233 16B Surface Mount Housing 1x M40
19411160273 16B Surface Mount Housing 2x M40
19411160523 16B Side Entry Hood with Cable Gland
19411160723 16B Coupler with M40 Cable Gland
19411161423 16B Top Entry Hood with Cable Gland
19411240233 24B Surface Mount Housing 1x M40
19411240273 24B Surface Mount Housing 2x M40
19411240423 24B Top Entry Hood with Cable Gland
19411240523 24B Side Entry Hood with Cable Gland
19411240723 24B Coupler with M32 Cable Gland

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