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HARTING develops, manufactures and sells electrical and electronic connectors, device terminations, backplanes, network components as well as cable harnesses for networks or machinery, or for power and data application in factories. HARTING products are used in mechanical and plant engineering, broadcast and entertainment, factory automation, power generation and distribution as well as industrial electronics and telecommunication.Visit the HARTING page
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 Han Q2/0 Connectors Han Q2/0 Connectors
01/06/2016 -
Combination of contacts 2/0, >=500 mating cycles, a 3 A size, an axial screw terminal
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 Han® F+B Food & Beverage Connectors Han® F+B Food & Beverage Connectors
11/30/2015 -
First connectors designed for the food industry, can be configured with 25 different inserts.
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 Han-Modular® Hinged Frame HMC Connectors Han-Modular® Hinged Frame HMC Connectors
11/16/2015 -
Enables integration of Han-Modular® components into HMC connectors, handles >10,000 mating cycles.
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 H15 Press-In Connectors H15 Press-In Connectors
06/03/2015 -
Low-profile connectors with press-in termination and current up to 15A.
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 Han® Ex Industrial Connector Sets Han® Ex Industrial Connector Sets
05/19/2015 -
3A connector sets for explosion-proof applications, suitable for intrinsically safe circuits.
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 Ha-VIS preLink® Ethernet Cabling System Ha-VIS preLink® Ethernet Cabling System
05/18/2015 -
Provides device connectivity by snapping wired termination block into one of seven mating profiles.
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 M8, M12 and 7/8 M8, M12 and 7/8'' Circular Connectors
04/23/2015 -
A wide range of overmolded cordsets for industrial applications.
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11/26/2014 -
Allows you to design your own tailored UHF RFID reading zone.
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 Han® High Temp Connectors Han® High Temp Connectors
11/21/2014 -
Remain robust and reliable for their entire lifespan.
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 Han® Q 3/0 and Han® Q 4/0 Connectors Han® Q 3/0 and Han® Q 4/0 Connectors
09/24/2014 -
Ideally suited to the needs of the semi-conductor industry.
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 Ha-VIS econ Ethernet Switches Ha-VIS econ Ethernet Switches
06/11/2014 -
Unmanaged Plug-and-Play Ethernet Switches for Assembly on DIN Rail in Control Cabinets.
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 har-flexicon® Terminal Blocks har-flexicon® Terminal Blocks
05/14/2014 -
Provides a perfect link between the periphery and PCBs in industrial devices.
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 Han® HMC Connector Series Han® HMC Connector Series
05/01/2014 -
Aimed at industrial applications for 10,000 mating cycles.
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 Electronic PushPull Connectors Electronic PushPull Connectors
01/07/2014 -
Connectors equipped with standard RJ45, FOC or power contacts for operation at 5x16A
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 Ha-VIS RFID System Components Ha-VIS RFID System Components
08/21/2013 -
IP 64+ rated components available from one source to guarantee secure and reliable information processing.
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 har-flex Cable Assemblies - EXPANSION har-flex Cable Assemblies - EXPANSION
05/17/2013 -
har-flex Cable Assemblies with 6, 12, 26, 32, and 50 positions and cable lengths of 0.1, 0.2, and 0.5 meters.
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 har-flex Right Angle Connectors - EXPANSION har-flex Right Angle Connectors - EXPANSION
04/30/2013 -
har-flex right angle connectors available in a wide range of pin count configurations; provides more design flexibility for B2B and W2B applications.
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 Han GND Heavy Duty Pluggable Ground Connectors Han GND Heavy Duty Pluggable Ground Connectors
04/05/2013 -
First completely pluggable grounding solution for potential equalization. IP 65 compliant, designed for fine stranded wires from 6 AWG - 2 AWG, and independent from power contacts.
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 Han-Fast® Lock PCB Connectors Han-Fast® Lock PCB Connectors
01/28/2013 -
Provides a flexible, quick and easy-to-use circuit board connection up to 60A.
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 Han® EE Power Connectors Han® EE Power Connectors
12/14/2012 -
Designed to withstand the harsh demands of industrial environments; rated up to 500V at 16A.
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 har-flex Connectors har-flex Connectors
11/26/2012 -
Based on a 1.27mm grid; offered in four different stack heights; available in a wide range of pin count configurations.
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 D-Sub Standard Connectors D-Sub Standard Connectors
09/20/2012 -
Standard interfaces for data, signal and service/programmer applications in the automation and audio/video industries.
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 har-bus® 2.00mm Pitch Hard Metric Connectors har-bus® 2.00mm Pitch Hard Metric Connectors
09/07/2012 -
Designed to IEC 61076-4-101 standards and form the basis for configuring high-performing backplanes.
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 D-Subminiature Backshells D-Subminiature Backshells
08/30/2012 -
D-Sub Backshells with 9-50 contacts, top and side entry angles, thermoplastic or metallized shells, and latching or locking options.
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 har-bus 64® VME64x Connectors har-bus 64® VME64x Connectors
08/07/2012 -
VME-based connectors with160 contacts; enables users to upgrade and maintain existing systems at lower costs.
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