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W. L. Gore & Associates has focused on one goal for more than 50 years— engineering innovative solutions for the most demanding applications. Gore offers an unparalleled level of technical knowledge and experience. This know-how starts with a deep scientific understanding of fluoropolymers, particularly PTFE processing and fluoropolymer development. From that core technical base, Gore's expertise extends across a variety of applications. Gore's unique technical agility enables the development of a wide range of processes and creative, reliable technologies. For electronic applications, Gore provides innovative cable and material solutions that deliver electrical and mechanical integrity for industries where reliable performance is crucial and failure is not an option.Visit the Gore page
 Gore-Shield® GS2100 EMI Gaskets Gore-Shield® GS2100 EMI Gaskets
06/25/2013 -
Feature global spaceflight and military approvals and broad temperature range from -45ºC to 120ºC.
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 Gore-Shield® GS500 EMI Gaskets Gore-Shield® GS500 EMI Gaskets
06/20/2013 -
Feature good shielding effectiveness, excellent reliability, broad temperature range, and are flame retardant.
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 Gore-Shield® GS5200 EMI Gaskets Gore-Shield® GS5200 EMI Gaskets
06/13/2013 -
Feature excellent shielding effectiveness, excellent reliability, and broad temperature range from -45ºC to 120ºC.
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 Gore-Shield® GS8000 EMI Gaskets Gore-Shield® GS8000 EMI Gaskets
06/12/2013 -
Feature effective shielding performance in trace widths as narrow as 1 mm.
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