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GHI Electronics .Net Gadgeteer Modules
GHI-BLUETOOTH-GM-312 Bluetooth Module
Bluetooth Module

Microsoft .Net Gadgeteer Modules by GHI Electronics

GHI Electronics .Net Gadgeteer Modules are compatible with the .NET Gadgeteer FEZ Spider Mainboard and the FEZ Spider Starter Kit. These products are part of the Microsoft .Net Gadgeteer Open Source Development Platform, the most feature-full .NET Gadgeteer-compatible system available, containing all of the .NET Micro Framework core features and many exclusive features, such as USB host, WiFi, and RLP (loading native code). GHI Electronics .Net Gadgeteer Modules include wireless and wired communication modules, sensor modules, and various other modules and accessories, bringing a wide variety of additional features to the Microsoft .Net Gadgeteer Open Source Development Platform.

Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer is an open source toolkit for building small electronic devices using the .NET Micro Framework and Visual Studio/Visual C# Express. Gadgeteer combines the advantages of object-oriented programming, solderless assembly of electronics with a kit of peripherals, and support for quick form-factor construction using computer-aided design.

GHI Electronics .Net Gadgeteer Wireless Communication Modules

Part Number Component
BLTTH-GM-312 Bluetooth Module Enables wireless connection to
Bluetooth devices w/ SPP
SCLRA-GM-322 Cellular Radio Module
Provides GSM cell phone network access
via SMS, Audio, & GPRS
GHI-SS-GPS-GM-325 GPS Module U-Blox Neo-6M GPS module & simple patch
antenna via U.FI connector
XBADP-GM-314 Xbee Module Provides connection for XBee-WiFi as alternative
to WiFi RS21 Module
WFR21-GM-282 WiFi RS21 Module Real WiFi connection uses .NET Sockets;
for FEZ Spider Mainboard
IRRSV-GM-360 IR Receiver Module
w/ Remote
Detects 38kHz carrier signals from remote control;
keychain-universal-remote-control included
RFIDR-GM-366 RFID Reader Module Reads any 125Khz RFID tags; includes 2 ISO
cards to demo functionality
WFR21-GM-381 WiFi RS21 Module
w/ External Antenna
Real WiFi connection uses .NET Sockets for FEZ Spider;
based on Redpine Signals RS9110-N-11-22-05 WiFi module
WF171-GM-444 WiFi RN171 Module Pre-configured to run in access-point mode (Hot Spot),
allowing for direct connection to any WiFi device

GHI Electronics .Net Gadgeteer Wired Communication Modules

Part Number Component
USBSR-GM-437 UART to virtual USB Any of the serial UART sockets on a mainboard can be converted into a virtual serial connection over USB with this Module.
USBSP-GM-330 USB Client SP Module Single Power unit w/ power supply & USB cable
CANDW-GM-311 CAN DW Module High Speed, up to 1mbps, dual wire transceiver
ENC28-GM-333 Ethernet ENC28 Module Instant access to networks & internet;
w/ SPI-basesd Ethernet support
ETJ11-GM-284 Ethernet J11D Module Instant access to networks & internet;
compatible w/ FEZ Spider
USBDP-GM-280 USB Client DP Module Dual Power w/ advanced power supply & USB cable
USBHT-GM-270 USB Host Module Reads USB joystick, mouse, keyboard,
USB memory stick; includes HUB support
SRUSB-GM-287 Serial-USB Module Converts serial UART sockets into
virtual serial connection over USB
MAXOA-GM-361 MaxO Module Shift register chips allow 32 IOs from single socket
RS232-GM-355 RS232 Module Converts any UART (U or K socket) into
standard RS232 interface

GHI Electronics .Net Gadgeteer Sensor Modules

Part Number Component
LTSNS-GM-336 LightSense Module Measures light intensity
SPLSR-GM-345 Pulse Oximeter Module Noninvasive measurement instrument indirectly monitors heart rate & changes in blood
SACCL-GM-320 Accelerometer Module Measures acceleration forces
SBRMR-GM-321 Barometer Module HP03M sensor provides accurate pressure & temperature data
SCMPS-GM-323 Compass Module 3-axis magneto-resistive type sensor w/ I²C interface
DSUS3-GM-435 Distance US3 Module Ultrasonic sensors send a sound pulse and measure the time it took for the sound to echo back to determine the distance from the reflecting object.
SCRNT-GM-324 Current Module Non-Invasive Current transformer w/
current turn ratio of 1800:1
SGYRO-GM-331 Gyro Module W/ complete 3-axis angular rate sensor
& I²C interface
KEY16-GM-472 Keypad KP16 Module
Quickly adds numerical entry to any Gadgeteer project.
SMSTR-GM-326 Moisture Module Can detect moisture of soil or detect
water around sensor
POTSN-GM-275 Potentiometer Module Used for measuring position or controlling levels
PULSE-GM-465 Pulse Count Module Offers a quick and easy way to add any rotary encoder, by connecting signals A and B. It can also be used as a pulse counter, such as when using flow sensors. 
OBDII-GM-365 OBD II Module Allows communication w/ OBDII-supported vehicle; reads statistics like RPM, speed, fuel level, etc
PIRSN-GM-357 PIR Module Passive IR sensor used to detect motion in module's field of view
REFR3-GM-451 Reflector R3 Module
A Reflector Module with 3 infrared reflective sensors. This is used to detect white vs black surfaces.
ROTH1-GM-457 Rotary H1 Module Includes a hardware decoder chip that does all the decoding internally. A developer will simply read a number, that increments with CW rotation and decrements with CCW rotation. 
SRCM1-GM-382 Serial Camera L1 Module
Stream JPEG images to any Gadgeteer mainboard
w/ socket type U; view images on LCD screens,
send on network, or save to SD cards or USB drives.
No difference in image quality between L1 & L2,
but L2 lens makes focusing easier, & makes
placing camera inside enclosure easier.
SRCM2-GM-383 Serial Camera L2 Module
STHSN-GM-344 Temperature & Humidity Module This Module was equipped with a SHT1x sensor, which measures relative humidity and temperature, and communicates with the processor via a 2-wire serial interface. 
TCHC8-GM-463 Touch C8 Module
Capacitive-controller senses a finger touch through the finger's capacitance. Touch can be detected even if the module is mounted behind thin surfaces, like acrylic sheets. The module includes an eight-pad wheel, three buttons and even has proximity sensing, to detect when a finger is coming closer. 
TCH12-GM-484 Touch L12 Module
Capacitive-controller senses a finger touch through the finger's capacitance. Touch can be detected even if the module is mounted behind thin surfaces, like acrylic sheets. This module is a linear slide.
CRASC-GM-390 Current ACS712 Module Uses isolated magnetic field to measure current,
keeping mainboard safely isolated

GAS01-GM-393 GasSense Module Detects gasses; comes bundled with MQ3--sensitive
to alcohol, ethanol, & smoke--which can be replaced
w/ any other 5V sensor w/ same standard pinout
GASSN-GM-393 GasSense Module
THERM-GM-397 Thermocouple Module
Uses MAX31855K chipset to read K-type thermocouple sensors, for reading extreme temperatures
of -270 to +1372ºC; ships w/ 2-meter, 0-400ºC
k-type thermocouple sensor & can also use any
other K-type thermocouple sensor

CLRSN-GM-404 ColorSense Module Measures red, green, & blue color intensity; includes
4 white LEDs controlled through provided drivers

GHI Electronics .Net Gadgeteer Audio & Video Modules

Part Number Component
SOLDA-GM-343 OLED Display Module 128x128 multicolor OLED display w/ driver IC SSD1351
MUSIC-GM-317 Music Module Audio decoder for MP3, WMA, OGG, MIDI, WAV;
built-in headphone audio-amplifier
CMRAU-GM-283 USB Camera Module Can stream images as large as 320x240
w/ up to 20fps on smaller images
DST35-GM-276 Display T35 Module 320x240 3.5" color display module w/ touch screen
VDOUT-GM-356 VideoOut Module Display module supports VGA & Analog Video RCA; resolutions of 320x240, 640x480, & 800x600
HD447-GM-358 HD44780 Controller Module
(No display)
Allows addition of 16x2 & 20x4
character displays to mainboard
DTE35-GM-387 Display TE35 Module 320x240 3.5" color display module w/ touch screen;
soon to replace T35 display

DSCP7-GM-376 Display CP7 Module 800x480 7" full-color display w/ capacitive multi-touch screen; requires powered USB hub or a power supply
DSPN7-GM-470 Display N7 Module This display is perfect for projects that require a large low-cost no-touch TFT display. Full color, 800x480 pixels, no touch screen. 
DST43-GM-421 Display T43 Module 480x272 4.3" Color Display Module with a Touch Screen
CHARD-GM-395 Character Display Module 16x2 character display module
w/ controllable blue back-light

FEZTV-GM-426 FEZtive Module 2-part module used to wire addressable
LPD8806 LED strips

LED05-GM-409 FEZtive Kit 5 Meter These 160 RGB LEDs and individually programmable to any color you wish, that is 160 x 3 (RGB) = 480 LED elements. These can be wired to the included FEZtive boards (part A and B) in 5 rows, one meter each, or as one long strip, or even as two of 2.5 meter rows.
MLED2-GM-449 Multicolor LED v2 This smart module includes a 32-bit microcontroller. The stock firmware controls a bright multicolor LED (fade, blink, etc) through .NET Gadgeteer DaisyLink Protocol Commands sent from the .NET Gadgeteer main board. 
NI8DS-GM-425 Display N18 Module 128x160, 1.8", Color Display Module w/ controllable backlight; uses serial SPI bus but can be refreshed
w/ one SPI call, allowing for fast refresh rate

LED7C-GM-422 LED 7C Module Bright multicolor LED displays 7 colors, w/ on/off
control of red, blue, & green LEDs built inside

958-EV800-GM-520 EVE800 Module This module plugs into FTDI's EVE display boards to give any of the Gadgeteering systems a simple plug-and-play option. These displays run on SPI bus and accept simple commands from the host processor to render to the display or to read the touch input from the display. These displays will work with any of the mainboards we offer, but we recommend it for the FEZ Medusa family of products.

GHI Electronics .Net Gadgeteer Miscellaneous Modules & Accessories

Part Number Component
ML298-GM-315 Motor Driver L298 Module Controls speed & direction on 2 DC motors,
up to 40V 3A
SRLAY-GM-327 Relay Module Includes 4 relays w/ 4 LEDs to show status of relays
RGBLD-GM-272 Smart Multicolor LED Module
Includes NUVOTON M054LAN 32bit microcontroller
BTNLD-GM-274 Button Module Equipped w/ on-board configurable LED
BTB10-GM-485  Breakout TB10 Module Exposes the Gadgeteer signals on a terminal block
SDCRD-GM-271 SD Card Module Uses 4-bit SD bus to access memory card
unlike slower SPI-based (1-bit bus)
JTAGB-GM-466 JTAG Bridge Module
This module is for advanced users who understand JTAG/SWD and have proper tools to connect, such as J-link.
XTNDR-GM-273 Extender Module Use to connect 2 cables or for
inserting module into breadboard
JYSTK-GM-299 Joystick Module Measures position on X & Y axes by moving "hat"; press switch by pushing "hat" down
LOADA-GM-364 Load Module 3A 50V transistors allow control of high current loads; includes protection diodes
USDCR-GM-359 MicroSD Card Module Same functionality as full-size-SD but
much smaller, supporting MicroSD cards
DL40A-GM-375 DL40 Module (DaisyLink) 40pin DIP package outline, 2 header, & 50Mhz 32bit processor; supported by OpenDaisyLink (ODL) project
LDMTL-GM-370 LED Matrix Module (DaisyLink) Controls bright LED Matrix through .NET Gadgeteer DaisyLink Protocol Commands
DNPRT-GP-319 DuinoProto [Tutorial] Highly flexible & ideal for prototyping circuits, connecting shields & modules, Gadgeteer Coprocessor
IDCAS-GP-310  Gadgeteer Assorted Cables  Includes 4x 5cm, 3x 20cm, & 1x 50cm
Gadgeteer-compatible cables
IDC10-GP-279 Gadgeteer Cable Pack Includes 10x 10cm .NET Gadgeteer-compatible cables
IDC20-GP-423 Gadgeteer 20cm Cable Pack Includes ten of 20cm .NET Gadgeteer compatible cable. 
IDC50-GP-424 Gadgeteer 50cm Cable Pack Includes ten of 50cm .NET Gadgeteer compatible cable. 
IO60P-GM-363 IO60P16 Extender Module CY8C9560A IO extender chip, adds 60 IO w/ interrupt, & 16 can be PWM, exposed on header-placement to add standard RC servo motors
LED7R-GM-318 LED7R LED Module 7x programmable LEDs--6x green and 1x red--
can indicate level, speed, & other events
FLASH-GM-389 FLASH Module Includes 4MB of non-volatile memory
w/ drivers to read/write/erase sectors

PWREX-GM-441 Power Extender Module
Sits in between any Gadgeteer mainboard and one or more modules. The signals are pass-through but power is not forwarded from the mainboard to the modules. Instead, power is supplied by the power extender itself.
PLSIO-GM-392 Pulse InOut Module
Provides 8x additional PWM signals & 8x pulse-measuring inputs, designed mainly for RC robotics;
supported by OpenDaisyLink (ODL) project
NULLM-GM-498 Null Modem Module
Null Modem for connecting two mainboards over U socket or two modules directly, USB to serial module to the RN171 module for example. 
ISO16-GM-391 Relay ISOx16 Module Provides access to 16x optically-isolated relays
through type Y socket, up to 250VAC, 30VDC, 10A

RS485-GM-479 RS485 Module
Provides an RS485 serial connection to any mainboard. 
HUBAP-GM-471 Hub AP5 Module Gadgeteer hubs allow mainboards to be extended with additional sockets, namely indirect sockets.
AABAT-GM-394 UC Battery 4xAA Module Power option has USB connector for deploying & debugging applications & uses 4x AA batteries
to run Gadgeteer system
ALSTF-GP-371 Gadgeteer Standoff Pack Includes 10x aluminum standoff for .NET Gadgeteer modules & mainboards; 4-40 threaded, male & female, 10mm long, 1/4" hex
BRKO5-GM-405 5x Breakout Module Set Breaks-out Gadgeteer socket pins on 0.1"
header placement; excellent to wire circuits in/out
of mainboard & also for wiring Gadgeteer modules
w/ non-Gadgeteer systems
GSWG-BK-380 Getting Started with
.NET Gadgeteer Book
Learn how to quickly build cool electronic gadgets
w/ .NET Gadgeteer; easy-to-follow instructions tackle
5 fascinating projects using Microsoft's
rapid prototyping Gadgeteer platform
G-Plug Module
The G-Plug allows wires to be connected to any Gadgeteer socket, whether on a module or on a mainboard. This allows non-Gadgeteer developers to take any of the Gadgeteer sensors or control modules and wire them to their processor board. It also allows non-Gadgeteer sensors and devices to be wired to Gadgeteer mainboards.
S-Plug Module
A Gadgeteer SPI socket expansion hub, converting S and Y sockets into two S type sockets. It is possible to chain this module if more S type sockets are needed. - See more at: https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/502#sthash.i9w7vmPj.dpu
A Gadgeteer SPI socket expansion hub, converting S and Y sockets into two S type sockets. It is possible to chain this module if more S type sockets are needed.
958-HOLYBD-GP-514 Holey Board
A mounting option for Gadgeteer modules that fits perfectly inside the blue, reusable plastic box that kits are shipped in.

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