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GHI Electronics FEZ Panda II Development Boards & FEZ Ultimate Kit

GHI Electronics FEZ Panda II
Development Boards & FEZ Ultimate Kit

GHI Electronics FEZ Panda II is a 72Mhz main board that runs .NET Micro Framework, allowing users to program and debug FEZ Panda using Microsoft's free Visual C# Express. Applications are loaded over USB cable (or serial) with full featured debugging capabilities, such as stepping in code or inspecting variables. GHI Electronics FEZ Panda II is an enhanced version of the original FEZ Panda with on-board microSD socket, Real Time Clock, and an easily accessible 40-pin female header that exposes the extra IOs. The original FEZ Panda includes JTAG access, support for Arduino shields, and many libraries like FAT file system, networking, threading, USB Client, UART, SPI, I2C, GPIO, PWM, ADC, DAC, and many more.

GHI Electronics FEZ Ultimate Kit includes the FEZ Panda II and components to provide it with internet connectivity. The kit also includes easy-to-use e-blocks for simple plug-and-play capabilities, giving access to inputs and sensor data in minutes. No hardware experience is necessary. Combine these with an internet service to store or request data, and the possibilities are endless. The GHI Electronics FEZ Ultimate Kit is ideal for such applications as home automation or controlling the TV from a smartphone. The Internet of Things ebook is also provided to accelerate users' creativity. It covers GHI devices, preparation, e-blocks, and many example projects such as sensor monitoring, HTTP server, and Telnet.

Part Number Type Component Description
GHI-FPANDA2-256 Mainboard FEZ Panda II 72Mhz main board runs .NET Micro Framework, for use w/ Microsoft Visual C# Express
GHI-FULTIMATEKIT-265 Development Kit FEZ Ultimate Kit Provides internet connectivity to FEZ Panda II
GHI-WIFIEXP2-298 Adapter Board WiFi RS21 Module with UEXT Connector Provides WiFi w/ soldered-on UEXT connector & included 2.54mm cable
GHI-WIICON-167 Adapter Board Wii Controller Interface eblock Provides connection to Wii Classic controller or Wii Nunchuk controller
GHI-RELAYX16-169 Adapter Board Relay x16 Board eblock Includes 16 relays for up to 5Amp, & special circuit w/ slave MCU for controlling relays using I2C interface
GHI-IRREC-157 Adapter Board 38Khz Infrared Receiver eblock Used to detect IR signals of 38kHz carrier, including signals sent by most TV remotes
GHI-BTN-152 Adapter Board Button eblock Connect to digital pin to read button status, includes small LED indicator
GHI-IRLEDTRAN-253 Adapter Board IRLED Transmitter eblock Connects through included standard JST3AA cable
GHI-LEDG-242 Adapter Board LED eblock - Green Large 8mm green LED used for power indication, pin status, etc.
GHI-LEDR-243 Adapter Board LED eblock - Red Large 8mm red LED used for power indication, pin status, etc.
GHI-LTSENS-171 Adapter Board Light Sensor eblock Use with any analog pin to measure a light's intensity
GHI-PIEZO-153 Adapter Board Piezo (speaker) eblock Can be used to generate all kinds of tones, such as for an alarm clock or simple melodies
GHI-REFL-154 Adapter Board Reflective Sensor eblock Sensor emits invisible IR light & measures reflection
GHI-SER2USB-266 Adapter Board Serial-to-USB eblock Converts any COM (serial) port to USB connection
GHI-THERM-156 Adapter Board Thermometer eblock Provides analog value of temperature at tip of NTC water resistant thermistor (included)
GHI-POTH-151 Adapter Board Variable Resistor (POT) eblock Potentiometer changes resistance when knob is rotated; similar to volume control
GHI-JST3AACON-170 Accessory JST3AA 3-pin Connector (x6) 6 connector package for creating new components; use with JST3AA cable
GHI-JST3AACBL-246 Accessory JST3AA 3-wire Cable Use with 3-pin E-Blocks; use as a spare to create new sensors & modules
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