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FTDI Vinco Development Modules

The FTDI Vinco Development Module is used to create a low-cost development platform featuring USB Host/Slave controller with integrated 16-bit CPU unleashes new possibilities for cost effective embedded design. The Vinco is inspired by the Arduino concept and shares the same form factor as the Arduino Duemilanove / Uno with two extra rows of headers. The Vinco platform allows designers to integrate powerful USB 2.0 interfacing by incorporating the FTDI Vinculum-II VNC2-64 dual-channel Host/Slave controller with the capability of interfacing to the growing range of I/O application boards (shields) developed by the Arduino open-source community.

The FTDI Vinco Development Module integrates an 8-channel, 10-bit ADC and also supports 38 GPIO connections, and USB A and mini B (host and device) connectors on a board measuring just 55.38mm x 68.58mm. The FTDI Vinco platform brings together all of the hardware and software needed for rapid development of innovative, cost-effective embedded systems.

FTDI Vinco Key Features
  • Microcontroller: VNC2-64Q
  • Superset of Arduino Duemilanove / Uno dev boards.
  • FTDI Integrated Development Environment (IDE) including code editor, compiler, assembler and debugger
  • Precompiled drivers for a variety of interfaces e.g. USB, UART, SPI.
  • Precompiled driver support for a wide range of USB host classes including Mass Storage, Human Interface Devices (keyboards, mice), audio devices, video devices (webcam) with many more under developed.
  • Precompiled driver support for a wide range of USB device classes including FTDI peripheral ICs, Human Interface Devices (keyboards, mice) with many more under developed.
  • Compatible with existing Arduino shields.

Vinco Product Specifications
Operating Voltage (V)
Input Power Supply (V)
Digital I/O
Analog I/O
Flash Memory (kB)
RAM (kB)
Variable Clocking Speeds (MHz)
12 / 24 / 48


The FTDI Vinculum-II (VNC2) Embedded Dual USB Host Controller IC represents the second generation of FTDI USB Host devices. The Vinculum-II CPU is dramatically upgraded from the previous VNC1L device, greatly increasing the processing power. This FTDI Embedded Dual USB Host Controller features a powerful 16-bit MCU core with 256KB Flash and 16KB RAM memory. The Vinculum-II is a complete USB system solution that supports a range of flexible interfaces, including UART, SPI, FIFO, and PWM. The complete USB protocol data processing is handled entirely by hardware resources within the device.

FTDI Vinco Touch-Key Shield

FTDI Vinco Touch-Key Shield is a shield that mates with the FTDI Vinco development module to allow touch pad operation. The shield includes an STMPE821 device, which is an 8-channel GPIO capacitive touch-key sensor. The sensor communicates to the Vinculum-II (VNC2), on the Vinco module, via I2C protocol. The FTDI Vinco Touch-Key Shield also mates with the Vinco development platform to enable Open Accessory Mode in Android devices.

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