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FTDI Morph-IC-II FPGA Development Module

Integrates Hi-Speed USB Capability with an FPGA

The FTDI Morph-IC-II FPGA Module speeds the creation of FPGA-based applications and simplifies the integration of hi-speed 480Mbit/s USB communication in advanced logic circuit designs. The FTDI Morph-IC-II platform combines an Altera Cyclone®-II FPGA with high-performance USB 2.0 capabilities that facilitate high-speed communications with ultra-fast, sub-100ms FPGA programming/re-programming. This makes the FTDI Morph-IC-II ideal for applications that require users to reconfigure hardware functionality on the fly by downloading new software over USB, morphing the hardware. As well as enhancing application flexibility, hardware reconfiguration via USB can also reduce cost. The Morph-IC-II features up to 80 GPIO lines ensuring optimum flexibility for connecting the FPGA to external circuits and interfaces.

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Product Features
  • FT2232HQ Dual, Hi-Speed USB UART/FIFO IC used for USB communications
  • Altera Cyclone 2 - EP2C5F256C8N FPGA capable of synthesizing large scale integrated circuits
  • Ultra fast FPGA configuration/reconfiguration over USB (under 0.1 sec)
  • 4,608 Embedded FPGA Logic Elements (about 80,000 Gates typically)
Target Applications
  • ASIC prototyping using USB connectivity to FPGA.
  • Providing a fast and easy alternative to ASIC solutions for low to medium volumes of product.
  • Academic FPGA design exercise – ideal for learning and experimenting with HDL (Hardware Design Language)
  • Digital signal processing
  • Audio/Video
  • Cryptography
Block Diagram

Morph-IC-II vs. Morph-IC-1K
Part Number
Logic Voltage Levels
Full-Speed USB 2.0
EP1K10TC100-3 FPGA with 576 Logic Elements
No JTAG Programming Interface that is SignalTap compatible
Asynchronous 245 FIFO
No GPIO port connections available
All I/Os fixed to 3.3V TTL/CMOS
Hi-Speed USB 2.0
EP2C5F256C8N FPGA with 4,608 Logic Elements
JTAG programming interface that is SignalTap compatible
Synchronous or an Asynchronous 245 FIFO
Six GPIO port connections available
Can operate using signals that have different logical voltage levels

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