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FCI Micro HDMI Type D Connectors

The Micro HDMI Type D Connectors from FCI are extremely small, high reliability connectors ideally suited for next-generation compact audio / video data PCB layout aimed at HDMI Rev.1.4 and 3D signal transmission. The Micro HDMI Type D Connectors are half the size of the current Type C (Mini) connectors, durable to 5,000 mating cycles, and comply with physical, electrical, and environmental requirements of HDMI 1.4.

  • Size reduction
    • Approximately 80% smaller in size compared to A type (standard type) and 50% to C type (mini type) connector range
  • Receptacle PCB style
    • SMT contacts, DIP legs
    • SMT contacts, DIP/SMT legs
  • Mating Plug styles
    • Used for high definition data transmission applications
    • Mates with standard HDMI D type plug or HDMI D to HDMI A cable (FCI offers standard A type R/A 10029449-111RLF to link A to D type in Host side)
  • High durability
    • 5,000 cycles

  • Smart mobile phone
  • Digital camera
  • PDA
  • Tablet PC
  • Applications linked to High Definition Multimedia display interface connectors
    Mechanical Specifications
    • Mating/Un-mating force (initial)
      • Insertion force: 44.1N maximum
      • Withdrawal force: 5N minimum, 25N maximum
    • Durability
      • Contact/Shell resistance:
        • △R= ± 30m_ maximum for contact
        • △R= ± 50m_ maximum for shell
        • Appearance: no breakdown
        • Mating cycles: 5,000 cycles at rated of 100 ± 50 cycles per hour

    Electrical Specifications
    • Contact Resistance: Initial 10mΩ maximum; After △R=±10m (EIA-364-06B)
    • Insulation Resistance: Unmated 100MΩ minimum; Mated 10MΩ minimum (EIA-364-21C)
    • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: Unmated 250VAC, Mated 150VAC; No Breakdown (EIA-364-20C)
    • Electrostatic Discharge: 8 kV (IEC-801-2)

    Environmental Specifications
    • Functional temperature range: -40°C to +85°C, under test connectors mated without damage
    Part Number Description
    10118241-001RLF HDMI D Type Receptacle DIP+SMT Leg
    10118242-001RLF HDMI D Type Receptacle DIP Leg
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    • Connectors|Connector-Audio/Video