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Fastrax IT600 GNSS Receiver Module

Fastrax IT600 GNSS Receiver Module

Fastrax IT600 GNSS Receiver Module provides ST Teseo II GNSS receiver functionality using the state of the art ST STA8088EX chip. The module provides simultaneous GPS, Glonass, QZSS, Galileo, and Compass (BeiDou 2) open service L1 reception capability. The Fastrax IT600 GNSS Receiver Module supports Dead Reckoning using a 2 or 3-axis digital Gyro, magnetometer, accelerometer, odometer, and DWP. Can BUS hookup is also available for Dead Reckoning. The IT600 also supports AGPS, has 3 serial ports and a 1PPS output.

The Fastrax IT600 module is an advanced multi-constellation positioning receiver IC which has a single RF input with separate GPS/Galileo and Glonass IF outputs, combined with 32 dedicated tracking channels that can be assigned to acquire and track any mix of GPS, Glonass, QZSS, Galileo, and Compass signals. Unused tracking channels can be turned off for power saving. By enabling GPS + Glonass reception, the number of visible satellites typically goes up by a factor of two, compared to, for example, a GPS-only receiver. This means that in urban canyons with limited visibility of the sky, a GNSS fix is guaranteed with higher accuracy when compared to GPS-only receivers. IT600 is also Galileo and Compass ready with future software upgrades.

IT600 supports St Microelectronics ST-AGPSTM Self Trained Assisted-GPS technology, able to provide both fully-autonomous Ephemeris prediction and server-based, predictive assistance using GPStream™ Server technology provided by Rx Networks. The autonomous predictions provide an accurate fix for 5 days on observed satellites with no server needs. Using server-based GPStream™ technology from Rx Networks, the access of very compact information (2KB payload) ensures full-constellation predicted ephemeris, valid for 7 days.

IT600 offers a wide range of interfaces in a tiny form factor. Two UART's are available for NMEA and RTCM104. A third UART/USB is also available. I2C provides a convenient interface for adding MEMS sensors, EEPROM, or other I2C compatible peripherals. A standard 1PPS output is also available, and CAN bus is available for DR. The I/O voltages are 3.3V CMOS levels.

  • Multi GNSS support (GPS/Galileo and Glonass)
  • DR support (Odometer/Gyro or CAN DWP)
  • I2C for MEMS sensors and other I2C peripherals
  • Three serial ports
  • 1PPS output
  • SPI and GPIO available for custom purposes
  • AGPS & PGPS support
  • Anti-Jamming detection and removal
  • JTAG for SDK and debugging
  • Full GNSS support for best satellite coverage
  • Dead Reckoning when satellite visibility is blocked
  • Excellent acquisition and navigation sensitivity
  • Optimal accuracy
  • Small form factor: 16.2mm x 18.8mm x 2.3mm
  • Channels: 32
  • Ultra high tracking sensitivity: -162dBm typ.
  • Navigation sensitivity: -160dBm typ.
  • Navigation sensitivity, re-acq.: -158dBm typ.
  • Navigation sensitivity, cold start: -146dBm typ.
  • Assisted GPS support: ST Self-Trained Assisted GPS (ST-AGPS) 5 days, GPStream™ 7 days
  • Dead Reckoning support: Odometer pulse + 3-axis digital Gyro, (Future FW: CAN bus DWP)
  • Differential GPS support: RTCM104, SBAS (WAAS, Egnos)
  • Digital Supply voltage, VDD1V8: +1.71…+1.89V
  • RF&I/O Supply voltage, VDD3V3: +3.0… +3.6V
  • Backup Supply Voltage, VBAT: +1.62… +3.6V
  • Low power consumption: 80 - 150mW
  • Operating temperature: -40°C…+85°C
Block Diagram

Block Diagram
Mechanical Dimensions in mm

Mechanical Dimensions
I/O Pad Numbering & Dimensions - Bottom View
I/O Pad Numbering & Dimensions - Bottom View
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