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Fastrax IT430 OEM GPS Receiver

Fastrax IT430 OEM GPS Receiver

Fastrax IT430 OEM GPS Receiver is an OEM GPS receiver module based on new generation SiRFstar IV architecture and SiRFaware technology, which offers a range of new benefits that speed the inclusion of location-aware features in battery operated consumer devices. The complete Fastrax IT430 GPS module is packed into a tiny casing for easy fitting into various handheld or other battery powered devices. Fastrax IT430 OEM GPS Receiver features a miniature form factor of only 9.6 x 9.6 x 1.85mm, which makes it one of the smallest complete GPS modules available on the market. With the included TCXO, RTC, and SAW filter, the amount of required external components is reduced to a minimum. The Fastrax IT430 receiver provides low power and very fast TTFF, together with weak signal acquisition and tracking capability, to meet even the most stringent performance expectations.

Fastrax IT430 is especially well suitable for battery-operated devices using 1.8V internal power regulation. The low-power GPS module consumes only 56mW at 1.8V in full operation mode. With SiRFAware standby mode it consumes only 500uA on average while enabling TTFF of 1 sec. Other useful power saving modes are Trickle Power, Advanced Power Management, and Push-to-Fix modes that can reduce power drain further, even below 10mW.

The SiRFstar IV contains also a CW Jammer Remover, which will track and remove up to 8 CW (Carrier Wave) type signals up to 80dBHz (equals to -90dBm typ.) signal level. In addition IT420 is designed with a SAW filter before the LNA, which means that it is highly immune to signal blocking.

  • Host port configurable to UART, SPI, or I2C
  • Advanced power modes
  • CW Jammer remover, track and remove up to 8 CW
  • SiRFstarIV, GSD4e GPS chip
  • Miniature size: 9.6 x 9.6 x 1.85mm
  • Receiver: GPS L1 C/A-code, SPS
  • Chip set & tracking sensitivity: SiRF IV, GSD4e
  • Channels: 48
  • Ultra high tracking sensitivity: -163dBm typ.
  • Navigation sensitivity: -161dBm typ.
  • Navigation sensitivity, re-acq.: -162dBm typ.
  • Navigation sensitivity, cold start: -147dBm typ.
  • Supply voltage, VDD: +1.8V +/- 5%
  • Power consumption: 56mW (Switcher mode) or 68mW (LDO mode) typ. @ VDD=1.8V and Low power modes e.g. 10mW @ Trickle Power 100ms/1Hz
  • Power consumption (Hibernate state): 36uW typical @ 1.8V
  • SiRFAware power consumption: 500uA
  • Operating temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC
Block Diagram
Block Diagram
Mechanical Dimensions

Mechanical Dimensions
I/O Pad Numbering & Dimensions - Bottom View

I/O Pad Numbering & Dimensions - Bottom View
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