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Fastrax 530 Series GPS Receiver Modules & Application Boards

Fastrax 530 Series GPS Receiver Modules
& Application Boards

Fastrax 530 Series GPS Receiver Modules are ultra-low power consuming and super-sensitive OEM GPS modules with the Mediatek MT3339 receiver. Advanced power-saving features ensure very fast time to first fix (TTFF) without sacrificing battery life − a critically important issue in location-aware, battery-powered consumer devices. The sensitivity in acquisition, navigation, and low power consumption are ideally suited to battery-operated devices. Fastrax 530 Series GPS Receiver Modules each feature AlwaysLocate™ mode, Embedded Assist System (EASY™), an embedded jammer remover, and embedded LOCUS™ logger function.

- The new power-saving AlwaysLocate™ mode prolongs battery life by intelligently controlling receiver power modes and maintaining location information. Depending on the environment and motion conditions, the module can adaptively adjust the navigation activity in order to achieve a balance in positioning accuracy, fix rate, and power consumption, which is typically between 2-8mW.

- The Embedded Assist System (EASY™) reduces warm-start TTFF by up to 90% with assisting ephemeris data stored internally which allows a fast TTFF of 3 seconds typ. over 3 days. The additional server-assisted EPO™ (Extended Prediction Orbit) file transfer extends the external A-GPS service to fast TTFF 10 seconds typ. over 7/14 days.

- The embedded jammer remover in the Fastrax IT530/UC530 fights distorting signals with Active Interference Cancellation (AIC) of 12 CW (Carrier Wave) type EMI sources up to -80dBm, preventing nerve-wracking GPS performance issues caused by challenging designs.

GPS Module Features
  • Extremely tiny form factor
  • Ultra low power consumption: 35mW
    (IT530) or 45mW (UC530) @ 3.3V
  • Low power modes like AlwaysLocate™
    - only 3mW (IT530) or 4mW (UC530) average power (typ.)
  • Superior sensitivity
    • -148dBm (Cold start acquisition)
    • -165dBm (Navigation)
  • Up to 10Hz navigation rate
  • Host port UART, NMEA protocol
  • Secondary UART for RTCM
  • DGPS support with RTCM & SBAS
  • Self-assisted for 3 days by EASY™
  • Server assisted for 7/14 days by EPO™
  • Jammer remover AIC
  • Embedded logger LOCUS
  • 1PPS output

- The embedded LOCUS™ logger function can store location information in the internal memory of the Fastrax IT530/UC530 for up to 16 hours at a predetermined interval, set at every 15 seconds as a default. Depending on the nature of the application, the logged data may be dumped and parsed from the log via the host port.

The 530 Series GPS modules are also available on Application Boards for easy evaluation. Application boards are used together with either Fastrax Mini Evaluation Kit or with Fastrax Evaluation Kit. The Fastrax Application Boards AP530 and AC530 provide either the IT530 or UC530 with connectivity to the Fastrax Evaluation Kit or to other evaluation options. They each provide a single PCB board equipped with the IT530/UC530 module, MCX antenna connector, Antenna Bias +3.3V switch, VDD power switch, switch for GPS_ON control, and 2x20 pin Card Terminal connector.

Part Number Datasheet Description
IT530 OEM GPS Receiver Module
AP530 Application Board for IT530
UC530 OEM GPS Receiver Module
AC530 Application Board for UC530

IT530 Block Diagram
IT530 Block Diagram
UC530 Block Diagram
UC530 Block Diagram
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