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Ericsson Power Modules

Ericsson Power Modules designs and manufactures DC/DC products with focus on the communications industry for advanced applications such as radio base stations and switches/routers. The levels of technology, ruggedness, and reliability of Ericsson Power Modules products provide excellent solutions for other demanding applications in medical, avionics, computing, military, space, and industrial market sectors.Visit the Ericsson Power Modules page
 BMR456 & BMR457 DC-DC Bus Converters BMR456 & BMR457 DC-DC Bus Converters
06/12/2013 -
Output voltage can be adjusted via PMBus commands or the preset profiles.
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 BMR454 Series Intermediate Bus Converters BMR454 Series Intermediate Bus Converters
08/12/2011 -
Fully regulated DC/DC power module in industry standard Eighth-brick.
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 BMR463 Series POL Regulators BMR463 Series POL Regulators
06/30/2011 -
Small DC/DC power module offering 4.5V-14V input and up to 20A output.
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