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Stratos / Cinch Connectivity

Stratos / Cinch Connectivity LNx-ST11H Low Rider
Low Profile Optical Transceivers

Stratos / Cinch Connectivity LNx-ST11H Low Rider Low Profile Optical Transceivers provide low profile, cost effective solutions for Gigabit Ethernet and 1x Fiber Channel (LNK-ST11H) or rate agile 1x/2x Fiber Channel (LNL-ST11H) multimode optical fiber data links, with a duplex LC connector interface. These transceivers are fully compliant with the IEEE Gigabit Ethernet, 1x Fiber Channel standards, or ANSI Fiber Channel standards but can be used for any other data communications purpose within their operating parameters.

These fiber optic transceivers each consist of transmitter and receiver functions combined in a low profile RJ format module. The optical transmitter is a high output 850nm VCSEL. The transmitter input lines are driven with differential LVPECL signals applied to the Transmit (TX+ and TX-) pins. These signals are internally converted to a suitable modulation current by a CMOS integrated circuit. A Transmit Disable (TDIS) function is provided to enable control of the VCSEL optical output. The optical receivers consist of PIN and Preamplifier assemblies and CMOS limiting post-amplifier integrated circuits. Outputs from the receivers consist of differential CML data signals on the Receive (RX+ and RX-) pins and a single ended LVTTL signal detect function on the Signal Detect (SD) pin. The RX data is squelched (JAM) upon Signal Detect deassert to prevent garbage data output when no optical signal is present. The High Power Low Profile optic transceiver family is based upon the Standard Power Lxxx-ST11x products, with the addition of higher optical output power options.

Features & Benefits
  • Low profile design - 0.386in max. height
  • Surface mount I/O pins for high speed signal integrity
  • All metal body, solder mount
  • Industrial temp range, vibration tolerant design
  • RX data squelch on Signal Detect deassert
  • Individual (separate) +3.3V power supply per port

  • Industry standard duplex multimode LC receptacle
  • Full compliance to IEEE and ANSI requirements (LNK-ST11H)
  • Compliant with ANSI Fiber Channel FC-PI / PH2 (LNL-ST11H)
  • EN-60825 / IEC-825 / CDRH Class 1 compliant
  • Optional Parylene C Conformal Coating
Block Diagram
Block Diagram

Mechanical Dimensions in [inches]

Mechanical Dimensions
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