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Embedded Artists LPCXpresso Boards & Accessories

Embedded Artists LPCXpresso Boards & Accessories

LPCXpresso is a new, low-cost development toolchain jointly developed by Embedded Artists, Code Red, and NXP. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, the LPCXpresso provides software engineers a quick and easy way to develop their applications from initial evaluation to final production. The toolchain supports ARM-based LPC microcontrollers and includes a free Eclipse-based IDE and a low-cost target board combined with a JTAG debugger. There is also a Prototype board and a Base board that let engineers explore the features of the Cortex-M0 LPC11xx/12xx and the Cortex-M3 LPC1343 and LPC1769 microcontrollers on the LPCXpresso target boards. The Prototype board and Base board can also be used together with mbed.

Embedded Artists LPCXpresso Cortex-M0/M3 Boards

Embedded Artists LPCXpresso Cortex-M0/M3 Boards offer NXP's ARM Cortex-M3 or Cortex-M0 microcontroller and have been designed to make it as easy as possible to get started with Cortex-M3/M0. Each Embedded Artists LPCXpresso Cortex-M0/M3 Board comprises a target board combined with a JTAG debugger. A free Eclipse-based IDE from Code Red is also included.

  • Clock crystals: 12.000MHz crystal for CPU
  • Dimensions: 35 x 140mm
  • Power: 3.15V-3.3V external powering, or from USB via JTAG probe (LPC-LINK)
  • Connectors: All MCU pins available on expansion connector
    (2x27 pin rows, 100 mil pitch, 900 mil between rows)
  • Embedded JTAG (LPC-LINK) functionality via LPCXpresso toolchain
  • LPC-LINK can be connected to external target processor after modifications to the LPCXpresso board

Part Number Datasheet Processor CPU Core
SRAM Flash Interface Types
New! EA-XPR-009
LPC1115 ARM Cortex-M0 8kB 64kB SSP, I²C, UART, ADC
New! EA-XPR-205
LPC1227 ARM Cortex-M0 8kB 128kB USB, JTAG, SSP, I²C, UART, ADC
New! EA-XPR-011
LPC1347 ARM Cortex-M3 12kB 64kB 4kB E2PROM, USB 2.0, SSP,
LPC1343 ARM Cortex-M3 8kB 32kB USB 2.0, SSP, UART, RS-232,
Ethernet, I²C, JTAG, SPI
EA-XPR-002 LPC1114 ARM Cortex-M0
8kB 32kB SSP, I²C, UART, ADC, RS-232,
Ethernet, USB, JTAG, SPI
EA-XPR-003 LPC1769 ARM Cortex-M3 64kB 512kB 4xUART, 3xI²C, SPI, 2xSSP, 2xCAN,
PWM, USB 2.0 Device/Host/OTG,
RTC, Ethernet, I²S, RS-232, JTAG
EA-XPR-005 LPC1227 ARM Cortex-M0 8kB 128kB SSP, I²C, UART, ADC, USB
EA-XPR-006 LPC11C24 ARM Cortex-M0 8kB 32kB CAN, 2xSPI, I²C, UART, ADC
EA-XPR-007 LPC11U14 ARM Cortex-M0 6kB 32kB USB 2.0 Full-Speed Device,

Embedded Artists LPCXpresso Base Board

  • Serial bus - I²C/SPI shared
    • SC16IS752 - I²C/SPI to 2xUART bridge; connected to RS232 full-modem interface and one expansion UART
    • 96x64 pixel white OLED (alternative I²C/SPI interface)
  • Serial bus - UART
    • USB-to-serial bridge, with automatic ISP activation
    • RS422/485 interface
    • Interface socket for XBee RF-module
  • Specific LPC1768 (incl mbed) support
    • CAN bus interface (can be simulated with LPCXpresso LPC1114/LPC1343)
    • Ethernet RJ45 connector with integrated magnetic

Embedded Artists LPCXpresso Base Board makes it possible to get started with experiments and prototyping immediately with the LPCXpresso Board. The base board can also be used together with the mbed module. Embedded Artists LPCXpresso Base Board features a socket for LPCXpresso and mbed module, 50 pin expansion dual row pin list connector (male, 100mil pitch) for simple connection external designs and to a logic analyzer, and a 50 pin expansion dual row header connector (female, 100mil pitch) for simple connection to breadboard. The base board also offers a battery power option, USB interface, and a reset pushbutton.

  • Dimensions: 150 x 180mm
  • Powered via USB (+5V)
  • Digital IO
    • RGB-LED (can be PWM controlled)
    • 5-key joystick switch
    • 2 pushbuttons, one for activating bootloader
    • Rotary switch with quadrature encoding (timer capture)
    • Temperature sensor with PWM output (timer capture)
  • Analog IO
    • Trimming potentiometer input (analog input)
    • PWM to analog LP-filtering (PWM output and analog input)
    • Speaker output (PWM output)
    • Oscilloscope probe inout stage
  • Serial bus - SPI
    • Shift register driving 7-segment LED
    • SD/MMC memory card interface
    • Dataflash SPI-NOR flash
  • Serial bus - I²C
    • PCA9532 port expander connected to 16 LEDs
    • 8kbit E2PROM
    • MMA7455L accelerometer with I²C interface
    • Light sensor

Embedded Artists LPCXpresso Accessories

Embedded Artists LPCXpresso Accessories include the LPCXpresso Value Pack, LPCXpresso Prototype Board, 3.2" QVGA LCD Color Display Board, 7" TFT LCD Display Board, 2.7" E-paper Display, and the Display Expansion Board with HDMI/DVI/VGA/LVDS interfaces.

The Embedded Artists LPCXpresso Value Pack is comprised of the LPCXpresso Prototype Board with two pin lists, a mini-B to A USB Cable, and a 10-pin to 20-pin JTAG Adapter designed to convert between the ARM mini-JTAG connector (10-pin) and the standard ARM JTAG connector (20-pin).

The LPCXpresso Prototype Board offers an easy-to-use expansion area for experiments and can be used together with the LPCXpresso board or with the mbed module.

The 3.2" QVGA LCD Color Display Board can be connected directly to an external 8-bit or 16-bit memory bus or it can work as an emulated GPIO bus from processors without external memory interface.

The 7" TFT LCD Display Board has a RGB interface and uses a simple 2x25 IDC connector (2.54mm pitch) interface.

The 2.7" E-paper Display adds graphics capabilities with the EM027AS012 a-Si, active matrix TFT, Electronic Paper Display (EPD) panel from Pervasive Displays.

The Display Expansion Board with HDMI/DVI/VGA/LVDS interfaces adds graphics capabilities to display graphics on a monitor/TV or to connect an LCD with LVDS interface to an LPC microcontroller.

Value Pack Features
Part Number Datasheet
Value Pack contains

Prototype Board Features
  • All signals on expansion connector can be
    accessed easily
  • Includes two 1x27 pin lists and two 1x27 headers
    • Note that these must be manually soldered
  • Large prototype area with 100mil pitch holes
  • Prototype area with 50mil pitch holes
  • Prototype area for 50mil pitch SOIC components
  • Prototype area for 0.65mm pitch SSOP components
  • Dimensions: 148 x 120mm
3.2" & 7" LCD Display Board Features
  • Display technology: TFT
  • Display mode: Transmissive
  • White LED backlight, with PWM control
  • Operating temperature: -20 to +70ºC
  • Boards include TSC2046 touch screen controller (from TI) with SPI interface

LCD Display Board Specifications
Part Number Datasheet Diagonal Size # of Pixels
Dot Size
View Area Size
# of Colors
Supply Voltage
Module Size
EA-LCD-002 3.2in
240 x RGB x 320 (QVGA size)
0.2025 x 0.2025mm
48.6 x 64.8mm
262K (if 18-bit mode), 65k (if 16-bit mode)
93 x 83mm
EA-LCD-004 4.3in
480 x RGB x 272 (16:9 aspect ratio)
0.198 x 0.198mm
95.04 x 58.56mm
3.3-5V 165 x 150mm
EA-LCD-006 7in
800 x RGB x 480 (Wide VGA size, WVGA)
0.0635 x 0.1905mm
152.4 x 91.44mm
165 x 150mm
EA-LCD-009 2.7in
264 x 176
0.217 x 0.217mm
57.3 x 38.2mm
2 (black and white)
60 x 74mm

Part Number



16-bit color
(or 12-bit)

from NXP

from TI

from Analog

via DS90C383BMT
from National Semiconductor/TI

3.3-5V 165 x

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