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Cymbet EnerChip Thin-Film Batteries

Cymbet EnerChip Thin-Film Batteries

The Award Winning Cymbet EnerChip™ family of solid-state, rechargeable thin-film batteries is a new innovation in energy storage and power management. Packaged as a Surface Mount Technology (SMT) component, the EnerChip provides energy storage in a form factor and with a convenience not previously attainable using conventional solutions such as lithium coin cells and super capacitors. Cymbet’s EnerChip family is well suited for applications where battery backup power is needed to maintain the settings of microcontroller memories, real-time-clocks and SRAM during power loss or power failures. The Cymbet EnerChip can provide back-up power ranging from a few hours to several weeks depending on the stand-by current requirements of the system.

Cymbet EnerChip Thin-Film Batteries

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There are 4 devices in the Cymbet EnerChip product line:

Cymbet EnerChip Features
  • All Solid State
  • SMT Package and Process
  • Lead-Free Reflow Tolerant
  • Thousands of Recharge Cycles
  • Low Self-Discharge
  • Eco-friendly, ROHS Compliant

Cymbet EnerChip CC Features
  • Power Manager with Charge Controle
  • Built-in Battery Protection
  • Temperature Compensated Charge Control
  • Adjustable Switch-over Voltage
  • Charges Battery Over a Wide Supply Range
  • SMT with Reflow Tolerance
  • Thousands of Recharge Cycles
  • Low Self-Discharge
  • Eco-friendly, ROHS Compliant
Cymbet EnerChip Applications
  • Standby Supply for:
    • Non-volatile SRAM
    • Real-time clocks
    • Controllers
    • Supply supervisors
    • System-critical components.
  • Wireless sensors and RFID tags and other powered, low duty cycle applications.
  • Localized power source to keep microcontrollers and other devices alert in standby mode.
  • Power bridging to provide back-up power to system during exchange of main batteries.
  • Consumer appliances that have real-time clocks; provides switchover power from main supply to backup battery.
  • Business and industrial systems
    • Network routers
    • Point-of-sale terminals
    • Single-board computers
    • Test equipment
    • Multi-function printers
    • Industrial controllers
    • Utility meters.
  • Energy Harvesting by coupling the EnerChip with energy transducers such as solar panels.
Cymbet EnerChip™ CC CBC3112 & CBC3150 Evaluation Kit

The Cymbet EnerChip CC EVAL-05 Evaluation Kit is used to demonstrate the capabilities of the Cymbet EnerChip Thin Film Batteries and the Cymbet EnerChip CC with Integrated Battery Management capabilities. The kit can be used to demonstrate: 1 ) either EnerChip battery, 2) either EnerChip CC device or 3 ) the EnerChip CC in parallel with the other EnerChip battery.

Two Cymbet EnerChip CC devices are on the Cymbet EnerChip CC EVAL-05 Evaluation Kit, a CBC3112 and a CBC3150, with battery capacities of 12 μAh and 50 μAh, respectively. The Cymbet EnerChip CC EVAL-05 evaluation board utilizes a 24-pin DIP format that mates with a 24-pin DIP socket on a target board.

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Cymbet EnerChip™ CC CBC3112 & CBC3150 Evaluation Kit


CBC012 Datasheet (DS-72-02.pdf)

CBC050 Datasheet (DS-72-01.pdf)

CBC3112 Overview (MD-72-04.pdf)

CBC3150 Overview (MD-72-03.pdf)

EnerChip CC EVAL Kit Datasheet (DS-72-09-EnerChip-CC-EVAL-05-Datasheet.pdf)

EnerChip Product Family Brochure (EC-1page-brochure.pdf)

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