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Cymbet CBC-EVAL-10 Energy Harvester Evaluation Kit

Cymbet CBC-EVAL-10 EnerChip CC Energy Harvester Evaluation Kits use the EnerChip CC CBC3150 to provide a simple single chip solution for energy harvesting power conversion, energy storage, and power management. The Cymbet CBC-EVAL-10 is a low-cost solution for solar-based sensors. This Cymbet evaluation kit combines a small solar panel, power management circuit, energy storage, regulated output voltage, and input/output pins for connection to commercially available microcontrollers and radio boards. A 16-pin CBC51100 module is included, providing the EG functions, battery management, and 100µ Ah solid state rechargeable energy storage. The Cymbet CBC-EVAL-10 Enerchip CC Energy Harvester Evaluation Kit is a practical, low-cost realization of an EH-based power system that can provide many years of service without needing battery maintenance.

  • 16-pin CBC51100 Module with on-board EnerChip CBC3150
  • Energy harvesting circuitry that matches the impedance of photovoltaic cells to ensure maximum power transfer to system load and on-board energy storage devices
  • Solid state energy storage with thousands of charge-discharge cycles available
  • Integrated battery management that controls battery charging and discharge cutoff, ensuring maximum service life of on-board storage cells
  • Provision for additional energy storage (primary or rechargeable batteries) with switchover control circuit to meet application requirements
  • Regulated output voltage with user-configurable voltage settings
  • Input/output headers for connection to system components such as radios and microcontrollers
  • Photovoltaic (PV) panel that converts ambient light energy into electrical energy, which is fed into the CBC3150 device
  • Solar
  • Remote Sensors
  • Remote Radio

Block Diagram

Reference Design: Implementing Energy Harvesting with the EnerChip CC CBC3150

CBC-EVAL-10 Overview Video
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