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Critical Link MityARM-5CSX Processor Card

Critical Link MitySOM-5CSX Processor Card

Critical Link's MitySOM-5CSX Processor Card is a highly configurable, small form-factor System-on-Module (SoM) that features an Altera Cyclone V System-on-Chip (SoC). The module includes NOR FLASH and DDR3 RAM memory subsystems. The MitySOM-5CSX provides a complete and flexible CPU infrastructure for highly integrated embedded systems. The Cyclone V SoC provides Dual-core Cortex-A9 32-bit RISC processor with dual NEON SIMD coprocessors. This MPU is capable of running a rich set of real-time operating systems containing software applications programming interfaces (APIs) expected by modern system designers. The ARM architecture supports several operating systems, including Linux, Micrium µC/OS, Android and QNX.

  • Hard Processor System (HPS)
    • Dual-core ARM Cortex - A9 MPCore processor
    • 4,000 MIPS (up to 800MHz per core)
    • NEON coprocessor with double-precision FPU (one per core)
    • 32KB/32KB L1 caches per core
    • 512KB shared L2 cache
  • Memory
    • 1GB DDR3 CPU/FPGA RAMx32 bits + ECC
    • Optional 256MB DDR3 FPGA RAM x8 bits
  • High-Bandwidth System Interfaces
    • Six 3.125Gbps transceivers
    • PCIe Hard Core
    • Up to 133 I/O, many supporting 875MHz SerDes
    • 2Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
  • High-Bandwidth On-Chip Interfaces
    • 102Gbps HPS-to-FPGA interface
    • 102Gbps FPGA-to-SDRAM Interface

  • Integrated Power Management
  • JTAG Connector On-Module
  • Card-Edge Interface
  • High Level OS Support
    • Linux
    • Micrium uC/OS
    • Android
    • QNX
    • Windows CE

  • Machine Vision
  • Scientific Imaging
  • Motor Control
  • Medical Imaging
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Test and Measurement
  • Industrial Instrumentation
  • Military/Aerospace

Altera Cyclone® V 28nm FPGAs provide the industry's lowest system cost and power, along with performance levels that make the device family ideal for differentiating your high-volume applications. You'll get up to 40 percent lower total power compared with the previous generation, efficient logic integration capabilities, integrated transceiver variants, and SoC FPGA variants with an ARM-based hard processor system (HPS).

Learn More About Altera Cyclone V FPGAs
Altera Cyclone V FPGAs

Block Diagram
Block Diagram

MitySOM-5CSX Development Kit

Critical Link's MitySOM-5CSX Development Kit has all the necessary hardware and software to begin product development immediately, including a base board reference design, Linux development environment, sample applications, and a design guide for customizing the base board for your specific requirements. Developers can also work with Critical Link engineers to handle any customizations. Full technical datasheets are available for the MitySOM-5CSX, and other members of the Critical Link SoM family.

Critical Link MityARM-5CSX Development Kit
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  • 4″ x 7″
  • 18V to 24V input or standard ATX
  • Battery for real-time clock
  • 3 user switches
  • On/off, warm reset, cold reset switches
  • Boot select switches
  • Footprint for FPGA serial PROM
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • PCIe, 4 lanes
  • HSMC interfaces (x2)
  • SATA
  • Console serial to USB converter
  • Isolated CAN Bus (x2)
  • SD card
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