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Critical Link MityARM-335x Embedded Modules

Critical Link MityARM-335x Embedded Modules

Critical Link MityARM-335x series of highly configurable, small form-factor processor cards features one of Texas Instruments Sitara AM335x Processors. The module includes NAND FLASH and DDR2 or DDR3 RAM memory subsystems. A MityARM-335x provides a complete and flexible CPU infrastructure for highly integrated embedded systems. The onboard AM335x processor provides Cortex-A8 32-bit RISC processor with a NEON SIMD coprocessor. This MPU is capable of running a rich set of real-time operating systems containing software applications programming interfaces (APIs) expected by modern system designers. The ARM architecture supports several operating systems, including Linux, QNX, and Windows CE. In addition to the Cortex-A8, the AM335x family also offers available dual Programmable Real-Time Units (PRUs) when using the AM3356, AM3357, AM3358 or AM3359 processors. These PRUs are 200MHz RISC processors that run independently of the main Cortex-A8 CPU and have access to all the on-chip peripherals as well as all external memory. These can be used for any purpose; typical applications include the implementation of custom, industrial serial or Ethernet protocols such as PROFIBUS or EtherCAT.
In addition, the PRUs can continue to run while the core CPU is in sleep mode in order to monitor for system wakeup events.

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  • TI AM335x Application Processor
  • Up to 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 MPU
  • NEON SIMD Coprocessor
  • 32 KB L1 Program Cache
  • 32 KB L1 Data Cache
  • 256 KB L2 Cache
  • 64 KB RAM
  • 176 KB boot ROM
  • JTAG Emulation/Debug
  • AM335x Processor Choices
  • AM3359 (PRU’s, 3D and EtherCat)
  • AM3358 (PRU’s and 3D)
  • AM3357 (PRU’s and EtherCat)
  • AM3356 (PRU’s)
  • AM3354 (3D)
  • AM3352
  • Up To 1 GB DDR3 or 256 MB DDR2 CPU RAM
  • Up to 1 GB Parallel NAND FLASH
  • 8 MB Serial NOR FLASH
  • 2 Programmable Real-time Units (PRUs) – Processor Dependent
  • Integrated Power Management
  • SGX530 3D Graphics Accelerator – Processor Dependent
  • Watchdog Timer
  • Real-time clock
  • Power Reset and Clock Management (PRCM)
  • Crypto Hardware Accelerators (AES, SHA, PKA, RNG)
  • 2 10/100/1000 Mbps EMACs
  • 24-bit WXGA LCD Interface
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • 8 Channel, 12-bit SAR ADC
  • 2 CAN Interfaces
  • 6 UARTs
  • 2 USB Ports
  • 2 4-Channel McASPs
  • 2 SPI, 2 I2C, GPIO
  • eHRPWM, eQEP
  • Single 3.3V to 5.0V Input Power Supply
  • Embedded Instrumentation
  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Instrumentation
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Weighing Scales
  • Closed Loop Motor Control
  • Rapid Development / Deployment
  • Multiple Connectivity and Interface Options
  • Rich User Interfaces
  • High System Integration
  • High Level OS Support
  • Linux Kernel
  • QNX
  • Windows CE Ready
Mechanical Outline
Mechanical Outline
Block Diagram
Block Diagram
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