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Cree XLamp® XT-E HVW LEDs

Cree XLamp® XT-E High Voltage White LEDs

Cree XLamp® XT-E High Voltage White LEDs provide the lighting-class performance and reliability of Cree XLamp LEDs in a small-form, high voltage configuration. Cree XLamp® XT-E High Voltage White LEDs are an order of magnitude smaller than other high voltage LED arrays, allowing easy implementation of space-constrained lighting applications with smaller, more efficient high voltage drivers. Among these applications are small lamps such as B10, GU10,
and E17.

New! Cree has expanded its line of XLamp® XT-E High Voltage White LEDs to include 12V and 24V LEDs. (See table below)

  • Binned at 85ºC
  • Cree-standard mechanical footprint of 3.45 x 3.45mm with electrically neutral thermal path
  • Reflow solderable
  • Available in standard CRI and 80-minimum CRI configurations
  • UL-recognized component (E349212)
  • Available in 12V, 24V, and 48V configurations
  • Low thermal resistance: 6.5ºC/W
  • Wide viewing angle: 115º or 130º
  • Maximum junction temperature: 150ºC
  • Unlimited floor life at ≤ 30ºC/85% RH
Part Number Illumination Color Color Temperature Luminous Flux Forward Voltage
New! XTEHVW-D0-0000-00000HBE8 Warm White 2700K 93.9lm 12V
New! XTEHVW-D0-0000-00000HCE7 Warm White 3000K 100lm 12V
New! XTEHVW-D0-0000-00000LE51 Cool White 6200K 114lm 12V
New! XTEHVW-H0-0000-00000HAE8 Warm White 2700K 87.4lm 24V
New! XTEHVW-H0-0000-00000HBE7 Warm White 3000K 93.9lm 24V
New! XTEHVW-H0-0000-00000LDE4 Neutral White 4500K 107lm 24V
New! XTEHVW-H0-0000-00000LDE3 Neutral White 5000K 107lm 24V
New! XTEHVW-H0-0000-00000LD51 Cool White 6200K 107lm 24V
XTEHVW-Q0-0000-00000L7E8 Warm White 2700K 67.2lm 46V
XTEHVW-Q0-0000-00000L8E7 Warm White 3000K 73.9lm 46V
XTEHVW-Q0-0000-00000L8E8 Warm White 2700K 73.9lm 46V
XTEHVW-Q0-0000-00000L9E7 Warm White 3000K 80.6lm 46V
XTEHVW-Q0-0000-00000LBE3 Neutral White 5000K 93.9lm 46V
XTEHVW-Q0-0000-00000LC51 Cool White 5000-8300K 100lm 46V
XTEHVW-Q0-0000-00000LCE3 Cool White 5000-8300K 100lm 46V
XTEHVW-Q0-0000-00000LD51 Cool White 5000-8300K 107lm 46V
XTEHVW-Q2-0000-00000L7E8 Warm White 2600-3700K 67.2lm 46V
XTEHVW-Q2-0000-00000L8E7 Warm White 2600-3700K 73.9lm 46V
XTEHVW-Q2-0000-00000L8E8 Warm White 2600-3700K 73.9lm 46V
XTEHVW-Q2-0000-00000L9E7 Warm White 2600-3700K 80.6lm 46V
XTEHVW-Q2-0000-00000LBE3 Neutral White 3700-5000K 93.9lm 46V
XTEHVW-Q2-0000-00000LC51 Cool White 5000-8300K 100lm 46V
XTEHVW-Q2-0000-00000LCE3 Cool White 5000-8300K 100lm 46V
XTEHVW-Q2-0000-00000LD51 Cool White 5000-8300K 107lm 46V

Mechanical Dimensions

Mechanical Dimensions

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