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Cree GaN HEMTs

Cree GaN HEMTs

Cree GaN (Gallium Nitride) HEMTs (High Electron Mobility Transistors) offer greater power density and wider bandwidths compared to Si and GaAs transistors. GaN has superior properties compared to silicon or gallium arsenide, including higher breakdown voltage, higher saturated electron drift velocity, and higher thermal conductivity.

  • 2-Way Private Radio
  • Broadband Amplifiers
  • Cellular Infrastructure
  • Test Instrumentation
  • Class A, AB, Linear amplifiers suitable for OFDM, W-CDMA, EDGE, CDMA waveforms

Part NumberData SheetFrequencyGainOutput PowerVds - Drain-Source Breakdown VoltageId - Continuous Drain CurrentCiss - Input CapacitanceRds On - Drain-Source Resistance

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Cree GaN HEMTs for Telecom Small Cells

  • Cree