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Cree CGD15FB45P 6-Channel SiC MOSFET Driver

Cree Chemical Compatibility Kits

Cree's Chemical Compatibility Kits provide an easy method for design engineers to test Cree MX6, XP-E and XR-E XLamp LEDs for the presence of incompatible volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in LED-based solid state lighting (SSL) designs which can impair the performance and reduce the lifetime of these illumination systems. Glues, conformal coatings, O-rings, gaskets, and potting compounds are materials frequently used in the construction of LED-based luminaires or lamps and often contain VOCs. The presence of chemically incompatible VOCs on or near LEDs can degrade the light output levels or cause changes in the chromaticity point of the light. This sensitivity to VOCs is not unique to one LED manufacturer but is a known problem for all types of blue, royal blue and white-light LEDs. Chemical incompatibility in SSL is often a localized phenomenon, occurring in luminaire designs that seal portions of the system, resulting in an LED operating environment having elevated temperatures with little or no air movement.

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