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Cree is a market-leading innovator of lighting-class LEDs, LED lighting, and semiconductor solutions for power applications. Cree's product families include high-brightness LEDs, lighting-class power LEDs, and power-switching devices. Cree's LED solutions are driving improvements worldwide in applications such as backlighting, electronic signs and signals. Cree is also among the world's leading manufacturers of silicon carbide-based diodes for power control and management, providing increased efficiency in a variety of applications from solar inverters to industrial motor drivers to wireless technologies.Visit the Cree page
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 XLamp MH-B High-Power LEDs XLamp MH-B High-Power LEDs
10/22/2014 -
Built using Cree's ceramic package technology and rated for higher temperatures.
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 CGD15HB62P Dual Channel SiC MOSFET Driver CGD15HB62P Dual Channel SiC MOSFET Driver
10/14/2014 -
Gate driver for 1200V SiC MOSFET power modules
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 CAS300M17BM2 1.7kV SiC Power Module CAS300M17BM2 1.7kV SiC Power Module
10/03/2014 -
Delivered in a standard 62mm housing and powered by Cree's C2M™ large area SIC chip technology.
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08/12/2014 -
Offer greater power density and wider bandwidths compared to Si and GaAs transistors.
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 LEDs for Horticultural Lighting LEDs for Horticultural Lighting
07/24/2014 -
Enabling growers to lower energy costs while increasing yield and productivity.
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 GaN HEMT based MMICs GaN HEMT based MMICs
07/21/2014 -
Enables extremely wide bandwidths to be achieved in small footprint packages.
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 XLamp XP-L LEDs XLamp XP-L LEDs
07/10/2014 -
The first commercially available single-die LED to deliver breakthrough efficacy of up to 200 lm/w at 350 mA.
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 CAS300M12BM2 Z-FET MOSFET and Z-Rec Diode CAS300M12BM2 Z-FET MOSFET and Z-Rec Diode
05/19/2014 -
1.2kv, 5.0 mΩ all-SiC half-bridge module in an industry standard 62mm housing.
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 XLamp CXA HD LED Arrays XLamp CXA HD LED Arrays
05/19/2014 -
Double the light output of existing CXA LED arrays without increasing the size.
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 Xlamp XB-H LEDs Xlamp XB-H LEDs
05/12/2014 -
A breakthrough combination of lumen output and efficacy in a small 2.45 mm² package.
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 LMH2 8000LM LED Modules LMH2 8000LM LED Modules
04/18/2014 -
Effectively address high-ceiling, high-lumen applications without sacrificing color quality or reliability.
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 C5D50065D Z-Rec Silicon Carbide Schottky Diode C5D50065D Z-Rec Silicon Carbide Schottky Diode
04/10/2014 -
650V rectifier with zero reverse recovery current and zero forward recovery voltage.
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01/27/2014 -
Cree's smallest lighting class LED available in 70- and 80-minimum CRI white, blue, green and red.
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 6000 Lumens LMH2 LED Module 6000 Lumens LMH2 LED Module
01/22/2014 -
Up to 108 lumens-per-watt light-source efficacy with 90+ CRI, available in 3000 K, 3500 K and 4000 K CCT.
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 MK-R2 High Power LEDs MK-R2 High Power LEDs
12/19/2013 -
Optimized LEDs for high-lumen, directional lighting applications.
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 Chemical Compatibility Kits Chemical Compatibility Kits
09/11/2013 -
Easy method for design engineers to test Cree MX6, XP-E and XR-E XLamp LEDs for the presence of incompatible VOCs.
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 XLamp® XH-B & XH-G LEDs XLamp® XH-B & XH-G LEDs
08/01/2013 -
Mid-power LEDs featuring ceramic package that delivers unique combination of high performance & reliability.
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 XLamp® XQ-D LEDs XLamp® XQ-D LEDs
07/26/2013 -
High-power, small size LEDs built on Cree's revolutionary SC3 Technology Platform.
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 XLamp MK-R LEDs XLamp MK-R LEDs
07/24/2013 -
Built on Cree's SC³ Technology platform, delivering up to 200lm/W, & available in EasyWhite color temperatures.
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 XLamp® CXA3050 LED Arrays XLamp® CXA3050 LED Arrays
06/13/2013 -
Offering system level performance up to 9000lm, 2-step & 4-step color consistency, & 23mm optical source.
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 XLamp® XQ-B LEDs XLamp® XQ-B LEDs
06/13/2013 -
Delivering small size, reliability, & novel light distribution, & built on Cree's SC3 Technology Platform.
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 SiC Six-Pack Power Module SiC Six-Pack Power Module
05/20/2013 -
Silicon Carbide 3 phase module w/ Z-FET™ MOSFET & Z-Rec™ Diode offers ultra low losses w/ high efficiency operation.
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 XLamp® XT-E High Voltage White LEDs - Expansion XLamp® XT-E High Voltage White LEDs - Expansion
04/24/2013 -
12V & 24V XLamp® XT-E High Voltage White LEDs now available.
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 XLamp® CXA2540 LED Arrays XLamp® CXA2540 LED Arrays
04/16/2013 -
Available in 2-step and 4-step color consistency w/ 19mm optical source & system-level performance up to 7000lm.
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 XLamp® CXA LED Array Family XLamp® CXA LED Array Family
03/22/2013 -
Delivering high efficacy & high lumen output of 550 to over 5000lm in family of single, easy-to-use components.
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