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CEL ZICM2410P2 MeshConnect Extended Range Module

The CEL ZICM2410P2 MeshConnectExtended Range Module improves upon the original CEL MeshConnect module by adding a power amplifier and low noise amplifier to increase range to over two miles (12,000 feet), plus more reliable transmission and fewer nodes in your network. The MeshConnect Extended Range Module is specially designed for open outdoor applications in which the nodes are physically far apart or indoor uses in which the nodes operate in a noisy RF environment. The CEL ZICM2410P2 provides an outstanding +123 dB link budget that ensures high quality connections even in harsh environments. The ZICM2410P2 is ideal for mesh, point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint networks. CEL MeshConnectExtended Range Modules with SNAP™ come with the SNAP software tool installed. SNAP quickly establishes simple mesh networks with minimal development time.

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  • High RF performance:
    - Up to 123.5 dB RF Link Budget
    - RX Sensitivity: -97 dBm and -103.5 dBm
    - RF TX Power:+6 dBm and +20 dBm
  • Scalable Data Rate: 250 kbps, 500 kbps and 1Mbps
  • Miniature footprint: 1” x 1.350” (25.4 mm x 34.3 mm)
  • Voice Codec Support: μ-law/a-law/ADPCM
  • 4 Level Power Management Scheme w/ Deep Sleep Mode (0.3 μA)
  • Integrated PCB trace antenna
  • 16 RF channels
  • Up to 12,000 feet of range
  • AES 128-bit encryption
  • FCC, CE and IC certifications
  • ROHS compliant
  • Home & Building Automation
    - Security
    - HVAC control
    - Lighting control
    - Thermostats
  • Industrial Controls
    - Food processing controls
    - Traffic Management
    - Sensor Networks
    - Asset Management
    - Barcode reader
    - Patient Monitoring
    - Glucose monitor

Performance Specifications

Part No.

Transceiver Chipset



Software / ZigBee Stack
Tx Power Output

Rx Sensitivity



Rx Current

Tx Current

Standby Current

ZIC2410 8 bit, 8051
16 MHz
+20 dBm
-103.5 dBm

2.1V - 3.3V
25 X 34mm

ZICM2410P2-KIT1-1 MeshConnect Extended Range Evaluation Kit

The CEL MeshConnect Development Kit assists users in both evaluation and development. As a stand-alone radio system, the kit allows users to place the modules in to the target environment and evaluate performance on-site. The MeshConnect Development Kit also serves as an invaluable aid in application development. Through the many interface headers on the board, the user has access to all the MeshConnect module pins enabling easy connection to target systems for application development. The key components of the MeshConnect Development Kits are the CEL's MeshConnect radio module and the interface board.

The MeshConnect extended range module contains the CEL transceiver IC, Crystals, Power Regulator, and an integrated PCB antenna with a connector for an external antenna (optional). The interface board features a serial communication interface, a power management module, and peripherals such as potentiometers, LEDs, and GPIO headers.

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Kit Contents
  • Evaluation Boards w/Module (1)
  • USB Cables (1)
  • Jumpers (2)
  • Software & Technical Information CD (2)

  • CEL
  • Wireless
  • Embedded Solutions