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CDE BLC series DC Link Capacitors

CDE BLC series DC Link Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier BLC series DC Link Capacitors are polypropylene high energy density board mount capacitors designed for medium power inverter systems in applications such as wind and solar energy, electric vehicles, motor drives, UPS systems, and more. The BLC series DC link capacitors from CDE use the most advanced metallized film technology for long life and high reliability and combine high capacitance and very high ripple current capability. This series offers capacitance range from 8µF to 55µF, voltage range from 700 to 1100Vdc, and self-healing properties.

  • High capacitance
  • High ripple current (up to 36A)
  • Self-healing
  • Long life (demonstratable 25-year life under typical operating conditions)
  • Low ESR
  • RoHS compliant
  • Operating temperature range: -45ºC to 85ºC
  • Medium power inverters
    • Wind and solar energy
    • Electrical vehicles
    • Motor drives
    • UPS systems
Part Number Capacitance Voltage Rating ESR

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