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Atmel ATAVRRZ600 Evaluation Kit

Atmel ATAVRRZ600 Evaluation Kit

The Atmel ATAVRRZ600 Evaluation Kit for the AT86RF family of radio frequency devices contains a 2.4 GHZ AT86RF230 and AT86RF231 transceiver as well as a sub gigahertz AT86RF212 transceiver. The Atmel ATAVRRZ600 Evaluation Kit also features two AVR® UC3 based host nodes that can be used to evaluate a point to point network connection. The Atmel ATAVRRZ600 radio board sports an Atmel standardized 10-pin connector that enables the RF boards to be connected to any AVR microcontroller. The RZ600 kit enables RF4CE, IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee, and 6lowPAN network technologies to run on the full Atmel portfolio of low power AVR microcontrollers.

View Atmel AT86RF212 / AT86RF23x AVR® Transceivers

  • Contains the full selection of AT86RF family radio transceivers
  • Covers the 2.4GHz ISM band and 700, 800 and 900MHz frequency bands
  • In total 3 pair of radio transceivers are available - one pair per radio transceiver
  • Two ATUC3A3256-based USB host boards are included
    • Based on Atmel® AVR® UC core
    • 80 Dhrystone MIPS and Draws Only 40mA at 66MHz
    • Low, full and high speed USB compliant
    • Ideal for PC to RF gateways, packet sniffers and network commissioning tools
  • On board ID chip for easy IEEE MAC address
  • Stub antennas for all frequency bands
Associated Software
Available for download by registration at www.atmel.com
  • BitCloud SDK for 32-bit AVR
  • BitCloud Profile Suite SDK for 32-bit AVR
  • BitCloud Profile Suite SDK for megaRF
  • BitCloud Profile Suite SDK for SAM3S
  • BitCloud Profile Suite SDK for XMEGA
  • BitCloud SDK for AVR XMEGA
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