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Apex Tools 230V Soldering Station Sets

Apex Tools 230V Soldering Station Sets

Apex Tools 230V Soldering Station Sets range encompasses a wide variety of soldering power stations, hot air stations, soldering iron magnastats, unregulated main irons, heat guns, preheating plates and infrared heating plates.


  • Hot Air Station - 650 W / 230 V with built-in Turbine - For easy repair applications and heating processes as e.g. shrinking - Brushless turbine for ideal hot air flow - Hot air temperature is electronically controlled
  • WTCP 51 Soldering Station Set - with P 51, 50 W, 230 V, soldering iron TCPS 50 W, 24 V, LT M tip snd KH 20 safety rest
  • WS 81 Set Soldering Station Set - Soldering Station PU 81 analog 80 W, 230 V, with 80 W Silver Line Technology Soldering Iron WSP 80, LT B tip and KH 18 safety rest
  • WSD 81 Set Power unit - Soldering station digital 80 W, 230 V, with WSP 80, Silver Line Technology 80W, 24 V
  • WAD 101 Hot Air Station Set- Hot air station digitall 150 W, 230 V, compressed air or inert gas operated Power unit PU WAD 101 (150 W), hot air iron HAP 1 (100 W, 24 V), hot air nozzle R 06, safety rest KH 27, and hot air nozzle R 04
  • WHP 3000 Preheating plate Infrared Heating Plate 1200 W, 230 V with 2 Easy fix board holder - Heating surface 190 x 245 mm - Temperature range 50°C - 400°C - Digital display for set and read temperature - Electronic temperature control - 6 Infrared high temperature ceramic elements for fast and efficient heat up - 2 Easy fix board holder
  • WR 2000D Repair station - Power unit, 300 W, 2 channel digital station with DSX 80 desoldering iron
  • W 61 Soldering Iron Magnastat - Line Voltage Soldering Iron 60 W, 230 V, Magnastat Controlled with Twist Lock The Weller Magnastat system operates through a ferro-magnetic sensing device which changes its characteristics when specific temperatures are reached. Working temperature selection is achieved by simply changeing the "temperature sensing" soldering tip. These tips are available in 310°C, 370°C and 425°C versions.
  • SPI 16 Unregulated Main Iron - Line Voltage Soldering Iron 15 W, 230 V, Unregulated Robust heating elements of special steel between natural mica-leaves, embedded in cast ceramics and first-class material make the Weller SPI irons outstanding in technology and life-time. The SPI irons come with plated and oxidation prevented Weller "Longlife" tips.
  • 6966 EK Hot air heat gun 210 W / 230 V - Hot air heat gun 6966 EK with 0,2" and 1,5" Reflector and shrinking nozzle - For heat shrinking, drying or to detect faulty components on circuit boards. - Cooling is possible because the air flow is independent of the heater.


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