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AMS TSL2772 Light to Digital Converter with Proximity Sensing

ams TSL2772 Light to Digital Converter
with Proximity Sensing

ams TSL2772 device family provides both ambient light sensing (ALS) and, when coupled with an external IRLED, proximity detection. The device family is based on the TAOS patented dual-diode technology that enables accurate ALS results and approximates human eye response to light intensity under a variety of lighting conditions. The TSL2772 ALS includes a reduced-gain mode that extends the operating range to 60klux in sunlight. The device package incorporates a UV-rejection filter that enables accurate ALS. The TSL2772 proximity detection includes improved signal-to-noise performance and selectable gain modes. A proximity offset register allows compensation for optical system crosstalk between the IR LED and the sensor. To prevent false proximity data measurement readings, a proximity saturation indicator bit signals that the internal analog circuitry has reached saturation.

  • Ambient Light Sensing and Proximity Detection in a Single Device
  • Ambient Light Sensing (ALS)
    • Approximates Human Eye Response
    • Programmable Analog Gain and Integration Time
    • 8,000,000:1 Dynamic Range
    • Operation to 60,000lux in Sunlight
    • Very High Sensitivity — Ideally Suited for Operation Behind Dark Glass
    • Package UV Rejection Filter
  • Proximity Detection
    • Programmable Analog Gain, Integration Time, and Offset
    • Current Sink Driver for External IR LED
    • Saturation Indicator
    • 16,000:1 Dynamic Range
  • Maskable ALS and Proximity Interrupt: Programmable Upper and Lower Thresholds with Persistence Filter
  • Power Management
    • Low Power 2.2µA Sleep State with User-Selectable Sleep-After-Interrupt Mode
    • 90µA Wait State with Programmable Wait Time from 2.7ms to > 8 seconds
  • I2C Fast Mode Compatible Interface
    • Data Rates up to 400kbit/s
    • Input Voltage Levels Compatible with VDD or 1.8V Bus
  • Register Set- and Pin-Compatible with theTSL2x71 Series
  • Small 2mm × 2mm Dual Flat No-Lead (FN)Package
  • Display Backlight Control
  • Cell Phone Touch Screen Disable
  • Mechanical Switch Replacement
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Printer Paper Alignment
TSL2772 Block Diagram
TSL2772 Block Diagram
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  • ams (Austria Micro Systems)