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Altera MAX® V CPLDs

Altera MAX® V CPLDs

Altera MAX® V CPLDs

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Altera MAX® V CPLDs deliver the industry's best value in low cost, low power CPLDs, offering robust new features at up to 50% lower total power when compared to competitive CPLDs. Altera's MAX V also features a unique, non-volatile architecture and one of the industry's largest density CPLDs. In addition, the MAX V integrates many functions that were previously external, such as flash, RAM, oscillators, and phase-locked loops, and in many cases, it delivers more I/Os and logic per footprint at the same price as competitive CPLDs. The MAX V utilizes green packaging technology, with packages as small as 20mm2. MAX V CPLDs are supported by Quartus II® Software v.10.1, which allows productivity enhancements resulting in faster simulation, faster board bring-up, and faster timing closure.

  • Extended battery life with static power as low as 45uW
  • As few as one power supply (Vcc-core) required, which also lowers bill of materials (BOM) costs
  • Digital PLLs (DPLLs), which enable flexible implementation of designs requiring frequency multiplication or phase shifting
  • In-system programming (ISP), which lets you program the device while it is in operation, so you can perform in-field updates without affecting overall system operation
  • User flash memory, embedded flash memory that provides non-volatile memory storage of critical system information
  • Wireline and Wireless
    • I/O expansion
  • Industrial and Military
    • Interface bridging (i.e. between different voltage and I/O standards)
  • Consumer
    • Power management control, sequencing, or monitoring
  • Broadcast
    • Initialization control (i.e. of DSPs, processors)

Max V Overview

Part Number Logic Elements Typical Macrocells
5M40Z 40 32
5M80Z 80 64
5M160Z 160 128
5M240Z 240 192
5M570Z 570 440
5M1270Z 1270 980
5M2210Z 2210 1700

Block Diagram
Block Diagram
Altera MAX® V Development Kit

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Altera MAX® V Development Kit

Altera DK-DEV-5M570ZN MAX V CPLD Development Kit, from the market's leading supplier of CPLDs, provides a comprehensive, low-cost hardware platform to quickly begin developing low-cost, low-power CPLD designs. The development board was designed to prototype the most common CPLD applications, including I/O expansion, interface bridging, power management control, configuration and initialization control, and analog interface control.

With this platform, you can:
  • Develop designs for the 5M570Z CPLD
  • Measure CPLD power (VCCINT and VCCIO)
  • Bridge between two different I/O voltages (adjustable VCCIO on CPLD Bank 2)
  • Interface to external functions or devices via four connectors
  • Read and write to memories:
    • 8-Kbit (Kb) user flash memory (UFM) available within 5M570Z CPLD
    • I²C or SPI EEPROMs (user installed)
  • Come up to speed quickly with your CPLD design by reusing the example designs provided
  • Re-use the kit's PCB board and schematic as a model for your design

Max V Development Board Features
Max V Development Board Features

MAX V Dev Board Block Diagram
MAX V Dev Board Block Diagram
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