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Alpha Wire EcoFlex™  Cable

Alpha Wire EcoFlex™ Cable

Alpha Wire EcoFlex™ Cable is an innovative new flexible control cable that has a minimum environmental impact. The cable contains no halogens, phthalates, or heavy metals and is 100% recyclable. The jacketing and insulation are constructed with polyphenylene ether (mPPE). This material gives the cables better performance benefits. Compared to standard PVC, EcoFlex cables with mPPE are up to 32% smaller, up to 55% lighter, and have up to 91% lower outgassing. In addition, the series is rated for over 1 million flex cycles and is capable of operating in extreme temperatures of -40ºC to 105ºC. EcoFlex Cable is available as unshielded, braid shielded, or with Suprashield® foil plus braid shield.
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  • Compact cable for moderate flex applications
  • Rated for more than 1 million flex cycles
  • Easier routing and handling
  • Recyclable mPPE jacket and insulation
  • -40°C to 105°C static, -5°C to 105°C flexing temperature range
  • Suitable for use in NFPA 79 applications
  • Up to 8x flexing bend radius

PVC vs. EcoFlex Comparison

AlphaWire EcoFlex Cable

  • UL AWM 21819 (600 V, 105°C)
  • UL AWM 21492 (300 V, 80°C)
  • CE
  • UL VW-1
  • RoHS compliant
  • REACH compliant
  • WEEE
  • IEC 60332-2 Flame Behavior

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